These environment friendly crackers will help celebrate pollution free festivals and new year

This time of the year the controversy around the prohibition of firecrackers comes to the forefront in India. Tough, the controversy is sometime painted saffron and sometime green, but religion has nothing to do with the ban or the pollution level. Scientifically in the winter season the pollution level across the country is at its peak because the cold air is denser and moves slower than warm air, it traps the pollution which remains in place for much longer and therefore is breathed in at a higher rate than during the summer.

The cause of air pollution ranges from Vehicle emissions, fossil fuel and natural gas to heat homes, by-products of manufacturing and power generation, particularly coal-fuelled power plants, and fumes from chemical production, smoke from wildfires, stubble burning which are often caused by people. Gases, like methane, which are emitted from decomposing organic matter in soils also pollutes the air we breathe. Burning firecrackers just makes the air pollution intense. So, it is important to celebrate responsibly because every year many people struggle to breathe as the pollution level crosses the extremely dangerous threshold.

But what if crackers help to reduce pollution and increase the amount of greenery instead of polluting the environment? And they include factors that promote life rather than poisonous metals that are life-threatening?

Surprised? These environmentally friendly crackers are produced by Gram Art Project a collective of farmers, artists, social workers, and authors from Paradsinga village in Chhindwara district, on the border of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

To celebrate festivals and new year bring home Seed Crackers and Seed Sweets that grows into plants and make your own vegetable garden in small pots at your home.

These lookalike seed crackers and seed sweets are handcrafted by around 150 women artisans from Paradsinga and nearby villages. Gram Art Project has been making eco-friendly crackers for the last three years.

These seed bombs, also known as “beej patakha” or “seed crackers,” contain seedlings that will develop into plants when thrown on Earth. These crackers are handcrafted, according to Vedant Bhattad, a member of the Gram Art Project staff, and they incorporate regional seeds obtained from nearby farmers and forest inhabitants.

Recycled paper and environmentally friendly, non-toxic colours are used to create these crackers that are precise reproductions of the real crackers . These are eco-friendly and revitalise habitats, it does not harm birds and animals by producing noise, light, or air pollution.

Therefore, all you have to do to have a celebration that is environmentally friendly and mindful is to soak these crackers for a few hours, then plant the seeds in moist mud and watch them grow into lovely plants.

Along with being environmentally friendly, the initiative is also helping rural women earn a livelihood.

Let’s celebrate Smoke Free, Sound Free and Exploitation Free festival with *Seed Crackers embedded with living seeds. Let us be more conscious and responsible in ways we celebrate.

List of seed patakhas and seeds:

1. Microgreen Ladi: Seeds of Red Amaranthus, Green Amaranthus, Senna Tora, Radish, Mustard, Purslane & Spinach.

2. Tikli: Seeds of Coriander.

3. Rocket: Seeds of Cucumber.

4. Anaar: Seeds of Golden Shower Tree & Agasti (Sesbania grandiflora).

5. Chakkar: Seeds of Onion.

6. Hemp Bomb: Seeds of Roselle.

7. Laxmi Bomb: Seeds of Bauhinia Racemosa (Sonapatti/Aapta) & Okra.

8. Genda Guard: Seeds of Marigold & Brinjal.

9. Roll Caps: Seeds of Fenugreek.

10. Loose Ladi: Seeds of Tomato, Guar (Cluster Beans), Chilli.

List of seed sweets and seeds embeded in it:

1. Palm-Oil-Free Laddu: Seeds of Radish.

2. Sugar-Free Barfi : Seeds of Okara and Amaranthus.

3. Wheat-Less Cookies: Seeds of Bhinmal and Purslane.

4. Sovereign Chamcham: Seeds of Chilli and Carrot.

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