Green hydrogen and green ammonia is the future of our country: Gautam Mohanka, MD Gautam Solar

The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved the ₹19,744-crore National Green Hydrogen Mission with the objective to become a major exporter in the field and make India a global hub for the production, utilisation, and export of Green Hydrogen and its derivatives.

Welcoming the move Gautam Mohanka, MD Gautam Solar said “We genuinely welcome the Government of India’s much-awaited initial outlay for ‘National Green Hydrogen Mission’. India’s dependency on fossil fuels has been a matter of concern, given that our power consumption demands are likely to soar massively over the next twenty years.

The initial outlay of Rs. 19,744 crores will boost the production of green hydrogen in India and will eventually help the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors alike. Given that we currently import more than 80% of our national oil requirements, green hydrogen along with solar and wind could be the answer to the future, with this initial outlay being projected to curtail fossil fuel imports of over Rs. 1 Trillion by the year 2050. Of these Rs. 19,744 crores, Rs. 17,490 crores is allocated for the SIGHT programme, which will not only provide a growth opportunity to the domestic manufacturing of electrolysers but also provide a boost to the target of production of 5 million metric tonnes of Green hydrogen by 2030 and making India a green hydrogen hub. This is our international commitment as well for becoming a zero emission nation. Hydrogen and Ammonia will help to further decrease the use of fossil fuels and is wished to be future fuels and will provide clean air to the future generation.

Green hydrogen and green ammonia is the future of our country. The production of green hydrogen can rely on electricity generated by solar plants, and in a way, this is a boost to the renewable sector. Gautam Solar looks forward to empowering local players and businesses in using solar power for green hydrogen production and usage. We hope that the government will eventually make it mandatory for select industries to use green hydrogen and solar power to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels. We also see this as a prospect for the indigenous production of power components, panels, and parts.

We have previously applauded Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s commitment at the COP27 summit, and we believe that this initial outlay for ‘National Green Hydrogen Mission’ will propel the renewable energy sector in the right direction”