Not Uber Green Vs BluSmart, it’s a collective effort to combat air pollution: Anmol Jaggi, BluSmart

Leading Publication Compares Financial Power of Uber and Experience-driven Advantage of BluSmart in Electric Mobility Sector”

In a recent article, a leading publication delved into the battle between Uber’s ‘Green’ EV fleet and BluSmart, highlighting the contrasting approaches taken by these players in the electric ride-hailing industry.

The publication emphasized Uber’s ability to leverage its financial might and operational prowess to overpower smaller competitors, juxtaposed with the steadfast determination of homegrown players.

Anmol Jaggi, Co-founder of BluSmart, took to LinkedIn to express his viewpoint on the matter. Jaggi emphasized that the competition should not be framed as “Uber Green vs. BluSmart,” but rather as a collective effort to combat air pollution and create cleaner cities. He stressed the shared objective of achieving zero emissions, bringing attention to the underlying purpose that unites these companies.

Speaking to Climate Samurai, Punit K Goyal, Co-Founder of BluSmart Mobility, shed light on their distinctive approach. Goyal emphasized that BluSmart was purpose-built from its inception to capitalize on the electric vehicle transition taking place in India. Their integrated, full-stack, and all-electric ride-hailing service, along with an extensive EV charging network, aims to drive widespread decarbonization of mobility in India for a better future.

For Uber, the transition to electric vehicles encompasses more than just financial resources. It revolves around harnessing a technological advantage that reinforces the entire electric ride-hailing business model. With over four years of operational experience, BluSmart has gained a significant edge in understanding the performance of EVs across various parameters, including weather conditions, and has developed insights into the reception of EVs among riders and drivers. This wealth of valuable data and experience sets BluSmart apart from competitors lacking such advantages.

The article also shed light on the factors driving customers towards homegrown players like BluSmart. Frustration stemming from frequent cancellations, lack of punctuality, driver negotiations, unpleasant odors in vehicles, surge pricing, and poor car quality has played a decisive role. Coupled with rising environmental concerns, these issues have propelled citizens to opt for the services offered by BluSmart, recognizing their commitment to both quality and sustainability.

As the electric ride-hailing battle intensifies, it remains to be seen how Uber’s financial strength and BluSmart’s experience-driven advantage will shape the future of this industry. However, with a collective focus on zero emissions and cleaner cities, both companies are striving to transform the way people commute and contribute to a greener future.