Trina Solar’s Vertex Modules Receive Certification for Offshore Photovoltaic Reliability

Trina Solar’s Highly Reliable Vertex Modules Pass Rigorous Tests by TÜV Rheinland for Offshore PV Plants

TÜV Rheinland, an independent third-party testing organization, has released its offshore photovoltaic test report, certifying Trina Solar’s Vertex modules for their exceptional reliability. The certification marks a significant milestone for Trina Solar, a renowned player in the global photovoltaics industry.

Offshore photovoltaic plants present unique challenges due to harsh environmental conditions, including high temperatures, humidity, salt mist, strong winds, waves, and heavy precipitation. These conditions demand modules that are highly reliable and adaptable to marine environments. Trina Solar’s Vertex series modules have proven to meet these demands, positioning the company as a strong competitor in the emerging offshore PV market.

The certification process involved a comprehensive range of reliability tests, such as saltwater immersion, potential-induced degradation (PID), static and dynamic mechanical loads, temperature cycling, extreme weather conditions, and salt mist corrosion. Trina Solar’s Vertex modules successfully passed all these tests, confirming their durability and resilience.

The ability of photovoltaic modules to withstand extreme environments throughout their lifespan is crucial. Trina Solar’s Vertex modules have demonstrated their exceptional mechanical performance in extreme conditions by passing standard tests for static mechanical load and additional tests for non-uniform snow load, extreme low temperature mechanical load, hail, multiple extreme dynamic mechanical load, and extreme wind tunnel effect.

As a leading global provider of photovoltaic and smart energy solutions, Trina Solar has consistently focused on delivering high-performance and reliable modules to its customers worldwide. The company’s Vertex modules have withstood severe weather events, including Typhoon Muifa, the strongest typhoon in China last year. Trina Solar has also deployed Vertex modules for an offshore PV project in an empirical study conducted in Shandong province.

Trina Solar’s Vertex modules have become the preferred choice for power plants, thanks to their exceptional performance and reliability. The company has recently introduced n-type scenario-based solutions, designed to operate efficiently in various settings, offering reduced balance of system costs and levelized cost of energy (LCOE), thereby maximizing customer value. Trina Solar remains fully committed to its mission of providing solar energy for all and leading the way in environmental protection.