Global Conference on ESG & Prithvi Awards-2023 Highlights Commitment to Sustainable Change

Leaders, experts, and organizations come together to promote ESG practices and their positive impact on the environment and societies

The recently concluded Global Conference on ESG & Prithvi Awards-2023 brought together a diverse group of leaders, experts, and organizations dedicated to driving sustainable change. The event served as a platform for engaging discussions and knowledge exchange, with a shared focus on raising awareness about the significance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices. Attendees emphasized the potential of ESG initiatives in achieving commercial objectives while creating a positive impact on the environment and societies.

During the event, CA. Deepak Batra, Director of the ESG Research Foundation (ERF), expressed his gratitude and delivered a vote of thanks. He highlighted the importance of collaboration among government bodies, public and private sector businesses, and societies to support the transition toward more sustainable operations. Batra emphasized that ERF aims to facilitate the achievement of India’s ESG and climate-related goals through collective efforts.

The Global Conference on ESG & Prithvi Awards-2023 serves as a pivotal initiative in ERF’s ongoing commitment to promoting ESG awareness and supporting organizations in their ESG initiatives. By recognizing and rewarding organizations that demonstrate exceptional ESG practices, the Prithvi Awards inspire and encourage others to adopt sustainable business strategies.

The conference witnessed thought-provoking panel discussions, keynote speeches, and interactive sessions that explored various aspects of ESG practices. Industry leaders and experts shared their insights and experiences, highlighting the benefits of integrating ESG considerations into business operations. Topics such as climate change mitigation, social impact, corporate governance, and sustainable finance were addressed, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the ESG landscape.

The Global Conference on ESG & Prithvi Awards-2023 marked a significant milestone in the global sustainability movement, serving as a catalyst for driving positive change. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, the event provided a platform for leaders and organizations to inspire and learn from one another, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive future.