TrinaTracker’s Vanguard-1P Single-Axis Tracking System Receives Positive Technology Review from DNV

DNV’s independent assessment confirms TrinaTracker’s industry-leading design, quality, and R&D approach for the Vanguard-1P tracker

TrinaTrackerhas recently received the “Report on Technology Review of Single-axis Tracking System: Vanguard-1P” from DNV, an independent energy expert and assurance provider. The company in a statement said “This marks the second report obtained by TrinaTracker from DNV since 2021, indicating that the entire product line of TrinaTracker has undergone independent review by DNV.”

Vanguard 1P, the flagship product of TrinaTracker, is a one-in-portrait single-axis tracking system that is compatible with the latest bifacial ultra-high power modules.

This product integrates cutting-edge hardware and industry-leading software to offer solutions that lower the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) for engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) companies and project owners.

DNV conducted a comprehensive assessment of the Vanguard 1P tracker, utilizing a complete evaluation system that covered all aspects of the tracker business. This included design and structural calculations of two sample projects, evaluation of supply chain capabilities, assessment of quality and environmental safety control systems, analysis of market performance and outlook, examination of reliability, warranty, and operation and maintenance (O&M) performance. The DNV team also conducted a high-level review of various reports throughout the product life cycle, including wind tunnel test reports, installation manuals, and other professional documentation.

According to the report, TrinaTracker has obtained the necessary certifications and its design, manufacturing, and services meet the international requirements for quality and environmental management. The report also commends TrinaTracker’s active research and development roadmap, acknowledging it as an industry trend that will provide value to clients.

DNV concluded that the Vanguard 1P system meets the structural design requirements based on the provided information without the need for independent calculations. The report highlights that TrinaTracker’s Vanguard 1P surpasses industry standards in various aspects, such as more accurate tracking error and extended corrosion warranty periods. Positive comments were also given regarding the wind tunnel test methods and results, which covered static, dynamic, and aeroelastic tests, as well as studies on extreme weather slopes up to 8° (15%).

DNV further recognized the improvements made by TrinaTracker, particularly the introduction of the SBA input for uneven terrains and the STA input for low irradiance environments, which enhance the performance of the Vanguard 1P system compared to its predecessors.

Eskandari Morteza, DNV Senior Civil/Structural Engineer, stated, “After thorough studies undertaken over several months, DNV views TrinaTracker’s Vanguard 1P as meeting the design and quality requirements of the industry standard.” The report also highlights TrinaTracker’s well-developed and forward-looking approach to research and development, ensuring the company can meet the ever-changing market dynamics and the needs of its clients.