3M Survey Reveals Concerns over Shortages, Climate Change, and Need for DE&I in India

80% of Respondents Fear Negative Economic Impact, While 94% Urge Greater Diversity in Skilled Trades and Healthcare

A recent survey conducted by 3M State of Science Index (SOSI) in India reveals that 80% of respondents are deeply concerned about the ongoing shortage issue, warning of potential negative economic impacts, declines in overall quality of life, safety risks, neglected public infrastructure, and supply chain challenges if a solution is not found promptly.

While India is undergoing urbanization efforts with the help of skilled trade workers from various sectors, the survey highlights the need for greater focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) to accelerate development. An overwhelming 94% of participants believe that increasing DE&I in skilled trade fields is crucial, while another 94% emphasize the importance of enhancing DE&I in the healthcare sector.

To address economic equity, 3M has set an ambitious global goal of creating five million unique STEM and Skilled Trades learning experiences for underrepresented individuals by the end of 2025.

The urgency to combat climate change is also highlighted by the survey results. With global temperatures projected to rise approximately 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2050, the United Nations warns that developing countries like India are particularly vulnerable to its detrimental health effects. The survey reveals that respondents in India are primarily concerned about clean water supply, air pollution, and plastic pollution.

Regarding climate action and innovation, 83% of Indians express concerns about the consequences of climate change. A significant majority, 95%, believe that science can be leveraged to minimize its effects.

A recent report from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) underscores the importance of climate action and innovation, as global temperatures are expected to reach record levels in the next five years. The survey indicates that 95% of participants believe businesses should accelerate the development and adoption of climate-friendly technologies and innovations. Additionally, 95% of respondents emphasize the need for individuals to follow scientific principles to contribute to a more sustainable world.

As the future hinges on scientific breakthroughs, electric vehicles (EVs) are seen as a major step towards sustainability. The survey indicates strong support for various transportation innovations, such as electric public transportation and communication-enabled road systems. An overwhelming 94% believe that electric vehicles help reduce pollution, with 94% also calling for a global switch to electric or hybrid vehicles by 2032.

The SOSI 2023 data is expected to help organizations, communities, and individuals prepare for the future by understanding public perceptions of science and its impacts. 3M India Managing Director, Ramesh Ramadurai, highlights that the survey demonstrates how 3M places science at the core of its solutions and innovations.

In conclusion, the survey findings highlight the pressing need for addressing shortages, promoting DE&I, and taking concrete actions to combat climate change, with science and innovation being crucial drivers in these endeavors.