CHUK Achieves Net Zero Carbon Emissions in Tableware Industry

Sustainable tableware brand reduces carbon footprint by 99.9%

CHUK, a sustainable tableware brand, has announced that it has achieved net zero carbon emissions in the tableware industry. The company’s sustainability report for FY 2022-23 shows that CHUK’s carbon intensity is 0.1317 tCO2e/MT, which is significantly lower than the average carbon footprint of plastic tableware, which is estimated to be 3.5 kg tCO2e/MT.

CHUK’s sustainability report also shows that the company has made significant progress in reducing its water usage and waste generation. The company’s water intensity is 24.64 KL/MT, which is well below the standard water intensity for the pulp and paper industry of 54 KL/MT. CHUK has also reduced its waste generation by 65% since 2020.

CHUK’s sustainability efforts are led by its bi-pillar strategy, which focuses on Monitoring & Reporting and Decarbonization & Net Zero. The company’s sustainability report covers multiple parameters across 12 out of 17 goals in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

CHUK’s sustainability efforts are also supported by its parent company, Pakka Ltd., which has a strong commitment to CSR. Pakka Ltd. has planted a Miyawaki mini-forest of 5,000+ saplings, adopted 5 ponds and lakes, and committed to educating rural India through Pakka Foundation.

CHUK’s sustainability achievements are a significant step forward for the tableware industry.

The company’s efforts show that it is possible to produce sustainable tableware that is both environmentally friendly and affordable. CHUK is paving the way for other businesses in the industry to develop sustainable and green practices to ensure India can achieve its net zero goals in due time.

“Our report aims to build a sustainable ecosystem for the economy and foster business collaborations across the industry to boost the development of green ecosystems,” said “By aligning with the UN SDGs, we offset carbon emissions and create societal value through each step in our product creation. It helps us achieve traceability and prioritize clean and responsible practices to lead towards a sustainable future. We will continue researching and innovating regenerative packaging solutions while maintaining the highest environmental standards in our operations.”
“Our carbon footprint is extremely low at 0.001 kg CO2e per piece,” said Chamyvelumani. “This is 1310% less than plastic, 8733% less than plastic lined paper-based packaging and 5406% less than Styrofoam packaging. CHUK’s products minimize carbon footprint while offering the same user experience as alternative materials. Our locally sourced bagasse containers are versatile (microwaveable, freezable, ovenable, etc.), and their minimal carbon footprint helps consumers lower downstream emissions.”

CHUK is a sustainable tableware brand that makes compostable tableware from bagasse, a waste product from the sugarcane industry. CHUK’s products are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are perfect for use in restaurants, cafes, and homes. CHUK is committed to providing consumers with sustainable and affordable tableware options.