TVS Ventures into Commercial 2W EV Space with the Patented XL Electric

TVS Motor Company set to launch a new 2W electric scooter in August, catering to last-mile delivery businesses and private buyers.

The Indian 2W EV sector has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, not only in the mainstream passenger vehicle segment but also in the commercial 2W space. With more new players entering the commercial 2W EV market than ever before, competition is heating up.

One of the prominent names in the Indian automotive industry, TVS, is now eyeing a share of this growing market. TVS already has the XL 100, a well-known internal combustion engine (ICE) commercial workhorse, and the iQube range of electric scooters in its portfolio. Combining the ideologies of these two, TVS has patented a new offering called the TVS XL Electric in India.

Currently, TVS only has the iQube lineup in its electric vehicle portfolio. However, the company is gearing up to launch or unveil a new 2W EV in August, likely to be a more high-end electric scooter based on the Creon design concept.

The TVS XL Electric has design elements similar to the XL 100 ICE moped, but it lacks pedals and follows a minimalistic construction. The chassis features a central spine tubular design, and the area that once housed the fuel tank in the XL 100 now accommodates batteries, as the vehicle is fully electric. TVS has opted for a mid-mounted motor setup instead of a hub motor, which could possibly allow for pedal integration in the future.

The vehicle comes with split seats, and the rear seat appears to be removable, providing space for accommodating luggage. It features headlights similar to the XL 100, RSU telescopic front forks, and dual-shock absorbers in the rear, with drum brakes. The battery and motor are expected to offer a range of around 60 km on a single charge.

The TVS XL Electric could be an excellent option for last-mile delivery businesses, serving both B2B and B2C models. The inclusion of a saree guard in the design patent suggests that TVS may also be targeting private buyers. More details will be revealed when TVS officially unveils the vehicle. Upon launch, the TVS XL Electric will face competition from other electric offerings like the Kinetic Luna electric, which is also nearing its launch.