Global Collaboration at CEM14 Aims to Triple Renewable Energy Capacity by 2030

Representatives from IRENA, GRA, COP28, and Key Governments Strengthen Efforts to Accelerate Renewable Energy Deployment

In an announcement made during the 14th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM14), global leaders from both the private and public sectors came together to intensify their collaboration in promoting renewable energy. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the Global Renewables Alliance (GRA), COP28 Presidency, and other significant government representatives participated in the discussions to establish a global renewable energy target for 2030. The primary goal is to triple the total installed capacity to an ambitious 11 TW by the end of the decade, paving the way for a rapid deployment of renewable energy worldwide.

Organized by IRENA, GRA, the Global Solar Council (GSC), and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), the meeting took place amid daily record temperatures, weather-induced disasters, and security challenges that underscored the urgency of action. Key representatives from governments and industries worldwide engaged in constructive dialogues to identify actionable strategies for setting the global renewables target as part of the road to COP28.

The discussions also focused on overcoming barriers hindering renewable energy expansion, such as permitting red tape, and emphasized the need to implement essential enablers like financing mechanisms and clear regulatory frameworks.

His Excellency Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, COP28 President-Designate, emphasized the importance of a united global effort in combating climate change. He called on all nations to support the global tripling of renewable capacity and to double energy efficiency progress by 2030.

IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera highlighted the agency’s World Energy Transitions Outlook, which advocates for a more than three-fold increase in total renewable power capacity globally by 2030, surpassing 11 TW compared to 2022 levels. This global target underscores the scale and speed required for the energy transition and highlights the urgency for COP28 to address existing barriers impeding progress.

Director Paula Pinho from the European Commission stressed the need for an accelerated deployment of renewables to triple capacity and double energy efficiency improvements within the decade. She proposed setting up a global pledge at COP28, viewing it as the only viable solution to get the world back on track with a 1.5°C trajectory, providing a clear sense of direction to industry and investors.

Bruce Douglas, CEO of The Global Renewables Alliance, expressed delight in aligning the renewables industry with critical bodies such as IRENA, the European Commission, and COP Presidency. They jointly called for an ambitious global renewables target of at least 11 TW by 2030, while emphasizing the need to urgently implement policy frameworks, finance mechanisms, accelerated permitting, grid infrastructure, and supply chain support to enable the unprecedented growth of renewable energy. He urged for immediate action and emphasized #RenewablesNow as a pressing need.

As the world faces the pressing challenges of climate change, this unified effort by global leaders signifies a step forward in accelerating the transition to renewable energy and achieving a sustainable future.