Loom Solar Empowers Textile Industry to Reduce Carbon Footprint, Deploys Solar Solutions Across India

Leading the Way Towards Sustainability: Loom Solar’s Solar-Powered Initiative Cuts Carbon Emissions in Fashion Manufacturing

Loom Solar, in line with India’s Net Zero mission, is actively engaging and educating various sectors, including textile and fashion cloth manufacturing industrial units, to reduce their carbon footprint. With a potential to cut 4.5 metric tonnes of carbon, equivalent to 7 billion fully grown trees, the company focuses on green energy adoption.

Through initiatives in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal, Loom Solar imparts a comprehensive understanding of India’s carbon reduction mission. Recently, they deployed a 350 kW solar-powered solution with 700 solar panels, reducing their electricity bill by 60%. Coupled with a diesel genset’s synchronization device, solar power becomes the primary source, positively impacting the environment over its lifespan.

With around 300 sunny days in northern India, the solar panels are set to break even in about 4 years, effectively offsetting their own carbon footprint. Nishi Chandra, Head of Marketing at Loom Solar, emphasizes the importance of industries adopting solar power not just due to policies, but as a commitment to the environment and communities.

Loom Solar offers a diverse range of solar solutions for various applications, from industrial and commercial to agricultural and residential. With their wide reach spanning 500 districts in India, Loom Solar continues to contribute to sustainable energy practices.