Australia’s Minister for Climate Change Announces Offshore Wind Consultation Phases

Chris Bowen MP Reveals Plans for Offshore Wind Zone Consultations at GWEC’s APAC Summit

Chris Bowen MP, Australia’s Minister for Climate Change and Energy, revealed plans for the next phases of offshore wind zone consultations during GWEC’s APAC Summit. The Bass Straight region and Perth/Bunbury zone consultations are set to commence in October and November respectively. Minister Bowen stated that this announcement propels Australia on a trajectory to declare all six areas by the first half of the coming year.

The inaugural APAC Summit has centered on fostering collaboration in the industry. Bowen emphasized that providing the roadmap offers industry players clarity about the immediate path ahead. In a Q&A session with GWEC CEO Ben Backwell, Bowen stressed the significance of the consultations, underlining the need for open, respectful discussions on challenges while highlighting the vast opportunities for the nation.

This announcement signifies that Australia has managed to advance all six consultations within a year. GWEC CEO Ben Backwell applauded Australia’s pace of development in the renewable energy sector. Australia’s proactive approach led it to join the Global Offshore Wind Alliance (GOWA) to facilitate international cooperation. Additionally, the Australian government’s support for Victoria’s participation in GOWA showcases its commitment to engagement at all levels to maximize the potential benefits of offshore wind.

GWEC expressed enthusiasm for increased involvement in the region as Australia continues its offshore wind sector growth. The APAC Summit’s closing event, an Offshore Wind Open Day, offers opportunities for job seekers and those interested in understanding the sector’s potential. The APAC Summit concludes on Thursday with this event.