SMA India Unveils Game-Changing Sunny Tripower Core2 110KW Inverter for Commercial Solar

Cutting-edge technology promises enhanced energy yields and flexibility for Indian businesses.

SMA India has officially unveiled the highly anticipated Sunny Tripower Core2 110KW inverter, introducing advanced technology to India’s medium to large-sized commercial PV systems. This string inverter, equipped with Advanced Firefighter Circuit Interruption (AFCI), offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency for a wide range of applications, from agriculture to corporate parks and manufacturing facilities.

Abhijeet More, Head of Sales, Commercial & Industrial-India, expressed, “With Sunny Tripower Core2, we are set to meet the unaddressed expectations of our business customers who need a flexible solution that can be used in various commercial projects.” The product is already receiving pre-bookings and is slated for availability to Indian customers from December 2023.

The Sunny Tripower Core2 boasts numerous features, including the ability to adapt to various module orientations for optimal energy yields throughout the day. It integrates seamlessly with SMA’s Commercial Energy Solution and ennexOS, demonstrating its readiness for future business requirements. The inverter also offers integrated PV performance optimization, simplifying installation and customer service.

Key highlights of the Sunny Tripower Core2 include its 12 Maximum Power Point (MPP) trackers, allowing for maximum design flexibility and up to 150% over-dimensioning of the PV array. It can be fully integrated with ennexOS for streamlined plant commissioning and monitoring through DATA MANAGER M and SUNNY PORTAL.

Additionally, the inverter incorporates SMA ShadeFix, a patented software solution for optimizing energy yield in PV plants, outperforming traditional hardware solutions for shade management. Its user-friendly design eliminates the need for a DC combiner and provides a standard 110 kW output at 400 VAC, making it a robust and environmentally-resistant solution.

Karan Singh, Director Sales-India, South East Asia and South Korea, shared SMA’s long-term vision, saying, “It is only the beginning for the SMA Commercial Energy Solution as we look to identify new opportunities for maximizing returns from solar power – today and in the future.” This launch marks a significant step towards empowering Indian businesses to achieve carbon neutrality and harness the benefits of solar energy.