Global Competition Aims to Ignite Climate Action Among Youth and Educator

The Burjeel Holdings Oxford Said Climate Change Challenge Empowers Young Innovators and Teachers to Tackle Climate Crisis

In a significant development in the fight against climate change, The Burjeel Holdings Oxford Said Climate Change Challenge has unveiled its distinguished panel of international judges. Comprising influential thought-leaders, founders, CEOs, and global entrepreneurs, this esteemed panel will meticulously assess the innovative proposals put forth by groups of high school students aged 15 to 18. These students are tasked with presenting their visionary solutions to combat the pressing climate crisis.

Furthermore, the judging panel will also evaluate submissions from high school teachers who are encouraged to submit climate change lesson plans designed to raise awareness and inspire students to think creatively about addressing this paramount global concern.

The culmination of The Burjeel Holdings Oxford Said Climate Change Challenge promises to be a momentous occasion. The competition’s finalists, consisting of five student teams and five individual teachers, will converge in Dubai during COP28 in December. There, they will seize a remarkable opportunity to present their climate solutions to a distinguished audience. The winners will not only gain access to a bespoke program at Oxford Said in the following year but also be welcomed into a vibrant community of influential entrepreneurs and thought leaders in innovation and social impact from around the world.

This initiative, forged through a partnership between one of Europe’s leading business schools and one of the Middle East’s premier healthcare providers, aspires to provide young talents with the visibility and recognition they rightfully deserve on the global stage. As the climate crisis looms large, it becomes increasingly crucial to address the challenges that future generations will confront in the coming decades.

Amir Dossal, President of the Global Partnerships Forum and Distinguished Fellow in Health & Healthcare at the World Economic Forum, expressed his enthusiasm for the competition, stating, “The Burjeel Holdings Oxford Said Climate Change Challenge is a remarkable platform for young minds and educators. At a time when the world is grappling with a climate crisis, initiatives like these offer hope for a better future and align deeply with the United Nations’ vision of empowering youth to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Shikhar Malhotra, a competition judge and Director of HCL Corporation, added, “As we navigate the complexities of climate change, it is essential to empower the next generation with the knowledge and tools to make a difference. Sustainability is a shared responsibility, and I am thrilled to join this esteemed panel of judges to support and recognize the efforts of these young innovators.”

The competition’s significance is further underscored by the observations of Dr. Karan Thakur, Group Lead – Sustainability & ESG and Vice President – Public Affairs at Apollo Hospitals Group, who highlighted the profound health implications of climate change. He noted, “The health effects of climate change are far-reaching, from heat-related illnesses to the spread of infectious diseases. It’s heartening to see young minds and educators stepping up to confront this challenge.”

Zoe Cokeliss Barsley, Director of Sustainability at Oxford University Press, emphasized the urgency of the climate crisis and the need for innovative solutions. She eagerly anticipates the ideas that young people and educators will bring to the table through this competition.

To facilitate participation in the challenge, the Eden Project has generously provided free access to a lesson plan called ‘Climate Response – Doers, Shoppers, Learners, Shouters,’ along with additional teaching resources for Climate Conversations in the classroom. Oxford University Press will leverage its extensive network of teachers and schools globally to encourage their involvement, while Digital Camp will harness its global network of technology and business professionals to mentor students and teachers in building green tech projects.

In addition to these resources, a series of free-to-access, live-streamed events have been organized to support both students and teachers as they prepare their submissions for the Climate Change Challenge. These events include a Digital Camp online workshop for students on September 23rd and an Eden Project live event streamed from the Rainforest Biome in Cornwall, UK, on October 4th.

Ultimately, the winning student team and educator will earn a coveted opportunity to attend specially curated courses at Oxford Said in the spring of 2024, hosted within the prestigious University of Oxford. This competition promises to harness the power of youth and education to drive meaningful change in the ongoing battle against climate change.