Gautam Solar to Boost India’s Energy Transition with 2 GW Solar Module Expansion

Homegrown Solar Manufacturer Aims for Sustainable Growth by Doubling Manufacturing Capacity by 2024

Gautam Solar, homegrown solar module manufacturer, is on track to expand its annual solar module manufacturing capacity to an impressive 2 GW.

The ambitious expansion project is expected to be completed by the end of the calendar year 2024, with an investment of approximately Rs 150 crores dedicated to enhancing the manufacturing setup.

This strategic move marks a major milestone for Gautam Solar, positioning it as a pivotal player in India’s solar transition efforts. The increased manufacturing capacity will be dedicated to producing cutting-edge N-type TOPCon and Mono PERC Solar Modules, renowned for their high efficiency.

The company in a statement said that these modules meet the rigorous standards of ALMM and BIS for the domestic market, as well as UL and IEC Standards for foreign markets, such as the United States and Europe.

Gautam Mohanka, CEO of Gautam Solar, expressed the company’s commitment to align with the government’s vision of building a robust indigenous solar manufacturing sector and assisting India in achieving its Net Zero Goal.

He noted, “As we aim to double our capacity by 2024, it will be another step towards achieving our broader pursuit. The fervently dedicated team of experts at Gautam Solar has been working extensively to leverage cutting-edge technologies to create innovative products and strategize solutions to escalate solar module manufacturing domestically. I am optimistic that our growth trajectory will be further catapulted in the years to come.”