5 things to know about Haryana’ Action plan to tackle air pollution

Road Repairs, Green Initiatives, and Industrial Checks at the Core of Haryana’s Strategy

Haryana is among the top-polluted regions globally, and Stage 1 restrictions under the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) have already been enforced as air quality deteriorates in Delhi-NCR. Here are the 5 things that you should know about Haryana’ s action plan to tackle air pollution in the state.

  1. Haryana’s Winter Action Plan to Tackle Pollution: Haryana officials have unveiled a comprehensive winter action plan to combat rising pollution levels in the state.
  2. Key Measures Include Road Repairs and Green Initiatives: The plan includes road repairs, planting more shrubs and trees, and controlling dust pollution from roads, construction sites, and vehicles.
  3. Industrial Compliance and Emission Control: The authorities will conduct inspections in industrial clusters to ensure compliance with emission standards, and industries are encouraged to use cleaner fuels and follow pollution control measures.
  4. Monitoring and Green Transformation: Haryana plans to expand its air quality monitoring network and convert pollution hotspots into green areas, with 60% of the target already completed.
  5. Challenges and Need for Timely Action: While the plan is seen as precise, experts highlight concerns about its timeliness, especially with the approaching winter and the need for municipalities to act promptly in controlling pollution sources.