Blue Nudge and Blue Planet Set GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Title for Most Paper Collected in 24 Hours

Indian organizations achieve the milestone in collaboration with schools, IndiGo, and NSG

 Blue Nudge and Blue Planet, two leading advocates for environmental conservation, have clinched the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the “Most Paper Collected in 24 Hours.” The organizations achieved this milestone by closely collaborating with around 300+ schools, leading aviation company IndiGo, and distinguished public sector units, including the National Security Guard (NSG).

The initiative involved the participation of over 3,25,000 students in Delhi NCR, 3500+ teachers, and 7500+ Blue Nudge Ambassadors. Together, they collected an impressive 4,37,975 Kg of paper waste within a timeframe of just 24 hours. This remarkable achievement surpassed the previous GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title of 407,748.243 kg (898,931 lbs) of paper collected in San Diego, California, USA, in 2017.

The verification process was meticulously overseen by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS’ esteemed Adjudicator, Rishi Nath, and Surveyor, Ashu Mittal. Their dedication ensured the authenticity and significance of this monumental record.

Speaking about this achievement, Mr. Prashant Singh, Co-Founder & CEO of Blue Planet Environmental Solutions, said, “The entire drive is not just about bagging a reward, but rather to set an example depicting that by collective efforts we can significantly contribute towards protecting our blue planet. This is a much-needed move, especially at the present time when we are witnessing major impacts of climate change globally.”

Mr. Harsh Mehrotra, Co-Founder & CEO of Blue Nudge, added, “It is indeed a moment of immense pride for us to get our name imprinted in the prestigious GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS. Our broader aim is to inspire people to focus on environmental conservation by contributing even the simplest of what they can. With this, we reaffirm our commitment to keep being fervently dedicated to taking every action to foster sustainable growth.”

This incredible achievement by Blue Nudge and Blue Planet is a testament to the power of collective action in addressing environmental challenges. It is also a beacon of hope, demonstrating that we can still make a positive difference for our planet if we work together.