Nirvana Being’s Founder, Jai Dhar Gupta, Shares the Journey of Making Clean Air Accessible to All

From Personal Crusade to Global Impact: Jai Dhar Gupta Talks About Nirvana Being’s Mission and Innovative Solutions, here is the excerpt:-

Please share with our readers about Nirvana Being, the inspiration behind Nirvana Being and how it aims to make clean air accessible to families?

We, at Nirvana Being, provide sustainable and innovative air purification solutions, starting from reusable, stylish N95 masks with nanofibre filters, MESP Air Purifiers, Central HVAC MESP Filtration solutions, and other products for respiratory health.. The company’s mission is to offer all possible solutions to ensure that the 12,000 liters of air that every human consumes is pure as per WHO standards. I am a victim of Air Pollution and was diagnosed with Bronchial Asthma in 2013. Since then, I have been on a personal crusade to create awareness and expose the science of air pollution. Nirvana began as a personal crusade to help folks like myself with respiratory, heart, and immunity issues and we just kept growing our portfolio as the awareness grew.  WHO declaring Delhi as the worst air quality city on the Planet was a big shot in the arm in 2015.  The struggle all along has been around low levels of awareness and the apathy in our country towards health.  Since air pollution is invisible and affects over time, people only dial in once they are sick.  It’s only the Diplomatic community that has a mindset for prevention.  It’s taken us 8 years to convince the architects and interior designers in India that Indoor Air Quality is a health and safety compliance and not a luxury.  As environmental conditions worsen, Nirvana Being becomes more and more relevant. I would love to claim that Nirvana Being was born as a result of foresight, however, it was really a result of my ailing lungs.

How do your clean air solutions, including specialized masks and indoor air purification, contribute to children’s well-being in polluted environments?

We recognize the alarming levels of air pollution and its detrimental effects on health, particularly for children who are more vulnerable to respiratory issues. Nirvana Being offers a range of Air pollution masks for kids. Three layered masks in which inner and outer layers are made using cotton and the middle is made from an electrospun nanotech media, a filter that offers up to 99.7% Particle Filtration Efficiency, down to 0.1 micron. Also, our masks are charming to young ones as we have tied up with the best superhero franchises. Getting your child a mask that has iconic characters like Mickey Mouse, Iron Man, Spiderman face mask, Barbie, etc., is sure to excite them and motivate them not only to wear, but also keep the mask on. Our kids spend 90% of their time indoors i.e.; at home and school, and indoor air pollution is as bad as outdoors, therefore Nirvana Being presents you with a range of MESP air purifiers for your home and workspace. With the help of high-accuracy sensing and well-proven technology, our air purifiers give your family cleaner air without any side effects.

Can you explain the significance of car air purification in the fight against air pollution, especially in urban areas?

One of the worst places where we spend between 1-2 hours of our time each day is our car cabin. The car vents are picking us air from the exhaust of the adjacent car as we jostle along in traffic.  Exposure to these pollutants can cause various respiratory diseases and cardiovascular issues in the long run, so these Car Cabin Filters can filter out the pollutants from entering the car cabin, making it a safer indoor space. I believe it’s a valuable investment to ensure a safe space for your family and yourself.

What specific products or solutions has Nirvana Being developed for car air purification, and how do they work?

We have developed the Airific Car Cabin Filter which fits in the AC slot of your car, behind the glove compartment.  It’s a DIY product developed using Advanced Molecular Technology licensed from Stanford.  When you filter air at the source, you get exceptional results, and we guarantee WHO safe air quality in your cabin within 2 minutes.  It filters out PM2.5, SOX, NOX, VOCs and Ozone.

In the context of the current air quality crisis in India, what innovative approaches has Nirvana Being adopted to address this issue?

At Nirvana Being, we’ve got you covered and protected both indoor and outdoor with all possible solutions, so your lifestyle doesn’t get compromised due to polluted air.  Our product range includes the following:

  1. Specialty masks that combine fashion and function, masks for sport, silicon seal masks for best fit, Disney, Marvel and Barbie masks for the little ones.
  2. MESP air purifiers for indoor spaces and medical grade ULPA air purifiers
  3. Air Quality Monitors to see the invisible real-time
  4. Customized solutions for large indoor spaces with central HVAC
  5. Airific Car Cabin Filter to keep you safe in your car
  6. MyPurMist, a steam inhaler with a HEPA filter, for the purest steam and air.
  7. Nicorush, our flagship nutraceutical chewing gum to help people quit smoking

I’ve really analyzed my life and developed scientific solutions so that I’m safe and I don’t have to give up anything.

Could you share some success stories or impact your solutions have had in improving air quality for individuals and communities in India?

The average person spends 22+ hours in a day indoors – home, car, school, office, etc.  We’ve got all possible solutions for any indoor environment and once you’re outdoors, we’ve got you covered with our range of specialized masks.  We’ve implemented our solutions at schools, hotels, restaurants, malls, offices, cinemas, and other public places to help businesses achieve a health and safety compliance in their indoor spaces.

Air quality is a growing concern, particularly for the elderly. How does Nirvana Being cater to the well-being of this demographic?

As air quality continues to be a growing concern in many parts of the world, especially in urban areas, elderly individuals are particularly vulnerable to its adverse effects. Recognizing that, we are committed to providing specialized clean air solutions to cater to the needs. Our range of air purification products, including indoor air purifiers and advanced masks, undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum efficacy in filtering out pollutants/pathogens that are harmful for humans. We are extremely scientific, hence our products are not only reliable, we’re always working to deliver more for less – both direct cost and energy.

Are there any specific clean air products or strategies that Nirvana Being has designed with elderly individuals in mind?

Our entire product range is relevant for seniors.  The Airgle ULPA medical grade product is especially for seniors with comorbidities like heart disease, neuro disorders, respiratory disorders, auto immune problems, diabetes, hypertension, cancers and more.

Anything that we missed and you would like to share with our readers

Our values are deeply embedded in science and sustainability.  We love what we do and I am the first customer for every product in our portfolio.  So, it has to be bloody good!