COP28: Five things to know about major climate commitments made by world leaders and oil companies

Countries pledge to triple renewable energy use, while oil companies vow to reach net zero by 2050

  1. Countries and oil companies have pledged to make major progress in tackling global warming in a large new energy pledge.
  2. Around 100 countries promised to treble world renewable energy use by 2030.
  3. And 50 oil and gas companies including Saudi giant Aramco pledged to stop adding to planet-warming gases by 2050.
  4. Supporters, including the EU and COP28 host country the United Arab Emirates (UAE), want the pledge to be included in the final deal made at COP, meaning all of the nearly 200 countries represented here would sign up.
  5. Climate groups cautiously welcomed the promise to ramp up renewables, but said that promises by oil and gas companies were “greenwashing”.