Greaves Electric Mobility Expands Global Presence with Launch of Showroom in Nepal

Ampere Electric Two-Wheelers Make a Bold Entrance into Nepal’s Growing EV Market, Setting the Stage for Sustainable Commuting

Greaves Electric Mobility Private Limited (GEMPL), the electric mobility division of Greaves Cotton Limited, has taken a significant leap into the global market by inaugurating its first showroom in Nepal. This strategic move, in collaboration with the renowned Kedia Organisation, marks a milestone for GEMPL, extending its footprint beyond India and catering to the evolving demands of the Nepalese market.

The Kedia Organisation has been appointed as the exclusive authorized distributor for Ampere Electric two-wheelers in Nepal, overseeing sales, marketing, distribution, and after-sales support. Ampere, a key player in the electric two-wheeler sector, has unveiled its flagship showroom in Teku, Kathmandu, with plans to establish multiple outlets and dealerships across the country.

The surge in Nepal’s electric two-wheeler sector is fueled by environmental awareness and government backing for electric vehicles. The challenging Himalayan terrain and rising fuel costs further position Nepal as a promising market for electric mobility.

Ampere Primus, supported by Ampere Magnus, takes center stage in the Nepalese market. Primus, prioritizing safety with its LFP battery pack, offers heightened performance through a PMS motor, belt drive, and a smart connected cluster for seamless navigation. It caters to customers seeking a blend of style, performance, comfort, and reliability. Meanwhile, Magnus stands out with top-tier performance and a range of exciting features.

Mr. Sanjay Behl, CEO of Greaves Electric Mobility Pvt. Ltd., expressed excitement about the global expansion into Nepal, emphasizing the alignment of their commitment to sustainable mobility with Nepal’s dynamic market. The partnership with the esteemed Kedia Organisation, known for its century-long legacy, solidifies the vision to make every alley electric and transform urban mobility.

Satyam Kedia, Managing Director of Kedia International, highlighted the joint effort of Kedia Organisation and Greaves Electric Mobility in ushering in a new energy revolution in Nepal. The collaboration aims to introduce innovative Greaves electric two-wheelers, contributing to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future for the country.

With a legacy spanning over a century and a diverse presence in sectors like banking, finance, manufacturing, and trading, the Kedia Organisation is well-positioned to support Ampere’s role in Nepal’s ongoing transition to electric mobility. Ampere’s entry is expected to revolutionize commuting in Nepal, making a meaningful contribution to a greener future.