Kyndryl and Microsoft Unveil Global Sustainability Barometer, Revealing Critical Gaps in Organizational Integration

New Study Highlights Urgency for Businesses to Align Strategies with Technology for Sustainable Solutions

Kyndryl and Microsoft have unveiled the results of The Global Sustainability Barometer study, shedding light on the pressing need for organizations to align their strategic priorities with sustainable practices.

Despite 85% of surveyed entities emphasizing the strategic importance of sustainability, a mere 16% have seamlessly integrated it into their strategies and data systems.

With climate-related challenges escalating globally, the study reveals a call to action for businesses to leverage technology for sustainable solutions.

While 80% acknowledge technology’s crucial role, only 32% believe they are fully capitalizing on it. Faith Taylor, Chief Sustainability and ESG Officer at Kyndryl, emphasizes the varying stages of sustainability maturity among companies, stressing the pivotal role of technology in unlocking its full potential.

Shelly Blackburn, Vice President, Cross Solutions Area at Microsoft, underscores technology’s emergence as a key enabler for sustainability success.

As AI tools become more sophisticated, the collaboration between Kyndryl and Microsoft aims to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Key survey highlights indicate a gap between prioritizing sustainability at the leadership level and effective integration and execution.

While 61% use AI to monitor energy consumption, only 34% utilize current data for predictive analysis. Stakeholders, particularly customers and employees, are vocal advocates for sustainability policies.

The study recommends sustainability best practices to drive growth, emphasizing CEO and board alignment, integration with technology modernization, and the importance of building an integrated data foundation. Leveraging AI for predictive sustainability and empowering employees are also crucial aspects highlighted in the findings.

Ullrich Loeffler, Co-Founder & CEO of Ecosystm, stresses the need for collective action in the face of climate challenges.

The Global Sustainability Barometer study, conducted in collaboration with Kyndryl and Microsoft, surveyed 1,523 technology and sustainability leaders across 16 countries, offering actionable insights for organizations to make a measurable impact on sustainability.