Kia India Revolutionizes EV Charging with K-Charge Integration in ‘MyKia’

In a groundbreaking move, Kia opens access to over 1000 charging stations nationwide, easing Range Anxiety for both Kia and non-Kia EV users.

Kia India has launched K-Charge, an innovative feature in the ‘MyKia’ app, providing access to over 1000 EV charging stations across India. Notably, this initiative is open to non-Kia customers, showcasing the company’s commitment to supporting Indian EV users and addressing Range Anxiety. Collaborating with five charging point operators, including a special tie-up offering three months of free charging through Relux Electric, Kia aims to enhance customer services and simplify EV charging through its user-friendly smartphone app. The move aligns with Kia’s vision of leveraging technology to improve the overall vehicle ownership experience. Mr. Hardeep Singh Brar, National Head of Sales and Marketing at Kia India, emphasized the importance of K-Charge in facilitating a smooth transition to sustainable mobility. As part of its ‘EV for All’ vision, Kia aims to achieve ambitious EV sales targets, with plans to launch global EV models in India and introduce locally manufactured EVs by 2030.