BosonQ Psi (BQP) and Artificial Brain Secure Grant for Quantum-Enhanced Wind Farm Optimization White Paper

Collaboration to Unlock Sustainable Solutions in Global Wind Energy Market

BQP and Artificial Brain have successfully secured a grant from the Netherlands Innovation Network, UK, to produce a white paper on Quantum-Enhanced Wind Farm Optimization. With the global wind energy market set to reach $1.3 trillion by 2027, the collaboration aims to unlock sustainable solutions through quantum advancements.

The Netherlands Innovation Network, UK, affiliated with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, supports this initiative to foster collaboration between Dutch and British entities in innovation, technology, and science. The white paper will spotlight quantum-enhanced optimization techniques to boost wind farm efficiencies.

Jash Minocha, Founder & COO of BQP, emphasized the pivotal role of quantum technology in addressing global challenges, stating, “At BQP, we are committed to leveraging quantum advancements for sustainability and solving the world’s toughest challenges such as climate change.”

Jitesh Lalwani, Founder & CEO of Artificial Brain, expressed gratitude for the recognition from the Netherlands Innovation Network UK, highlighting the critical role of innovation in achieving net-zero targets globally, particularly for Europe.

The forthcoming white paper will outline how Quantum-enhanced wind farm optimization can yield numerous benefits, including significantly improved energy output, reduced operational costs, and minimized environmental impact. The release is scheduled by the Netherlands Innovation Network, UK, at the end of January 2024. As the wind energy sector continues to evolve, this collaborative effort marks a significant stride towards a more sustainable future.