Deloitte Shifts Sustainability into High Gear with New Asia Pacific Hub in India

CoE to Foster Collaborative Innovation, Address Climate and Social Inequity

In a move signaling its intensified commitment to sustainability, global consulting giant Deloitte is launching its Asia Pacific Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Sustainability & Climate in India. This strategically located hub aims to leverage the country’s burgeoning expertise and talent pool to become a catalyst for innovative solutions across the region.

Building on Decades of Experience: The CoE is not born in a vacuum. Deloitte boasts decades of experience in sustainability and climate consulting, serving clients across the globe. This new center consolidates that expertise, aiming to become a one-stop shop for organizations seeking comprehensive and pioneering solutions to navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Fostering Cross-Pollination and Innovation: Collaboration is at the heart of the CoE’s mission. Viral Thakker, Deloitte India’s Sustainability Leader, emphasizes the focus on “fostering innovation and cross-functional synergy among experts from various fields and academia.” This melting pot of diverse skillsets and perspectives promises to spark groundbreaking approaches to sustainability challenges.

Academia: A Key Partner: Recognizing the crucial role of academia in driving knowledge and talent, Deloitte has partnered with IIT Roorkee, a prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. This collaboration will bridge the gap between industry and academia, fostering research, developing targeted courses, and nurturing future sustainability leaders.

Global Reach with Local Focus: While based in India, the CoE’s reach extends far beyond the nation’s borders. It aims to support clients and organizations across the entire Asia Pacific region, offering tailored solutions like BRSR Core-related data, analyses, and disclosure services specifically for Indian companies.

Beyond Green Solutions: Notably, the CoE’s mandate goes beyond environmental sustainability. Its focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles underscores Deloitte’s commitment to tackling the interconnected challenges of climate change and social inequity.

A Step in the Right Direction: Deloitte’s CoE launch is a significant development in the global fight for a sustainable future. Its collaborative approach, focus on innovation, and dedication to knowledge-sharing position it as a potential game-changer in the region. However, success will hinge on its ability to translate its ambitious goals into tangible solutions that meet the diverse needs of businesses and communities across the Asia Pacific.