ETO Motors Drives Electric Mobility Revolution in Uttar Pradesh: Here are five things that you should know 

500 electric 3-wheelers to hit the streets of 7 cities, starting with Ayodhya to mark temple inauguration. Here we bring you five things that you should know about ETO Motors’ EV drive in Uttar Pradesh

  1. ETO Motors deploying 500 electric 3-wheelers in Uttar Pradesh: The company will manage a fleet of e3Ws in seven major cities, with a special focus on Ayodhya coinciding with the temple inauguration. This marks a significant step towards cleaner and greener urban transportation.
  1. Focus on Ayodhya: The launch in Ayodhya aims to facilitate pilgrim commute and symbolizes the integration of electric mobility with cultural events. It represents a blend of technological advancement and respect for tradition.
  1. Environmental benefits: The e3Ws offer a sustainable solution by reducing carbon emissions and air pollution. This aligns with India’s vision of zero-emission mobility by 2030.
  1. Economic and social impact: The initiative creates job opportunities and empowers women through livelihood programs. ETO Motors already runs all-women fleets in key locations, setting an example for inclusivity.
  1. Partnerships and collaborations: ETO Motors is partnering with UBER for ride-sharing, Trinity Cleantech for charging infrastructure, SIDBI for financial support, and BPCL for fast-charging stations. These collaborations strengthen the electric mobility ecosystem.