Five things to know about Hero’s Vida Sway trike concept:

Forget everything you know about scooters. This revolutionary electric trike offers unprecedented stability and cargo space.

  1. Futuristic Vision: Hero is looking ahead 4-5 years with this concept, anticipating increased acceptance for such unique vehicles in the future.
  2. Familiar Design with a Twist: The Sway borrows heavily from the existing Vida V1 electric scooter, with the same front fascia, display, and lights. The key difference lies in the two front wheels offering enhanced stability.
  3. Practicality Focus: A dedicated cargo carrier at the back caters to utility needs, while the customizable seating allows switching between single rider and pillion configurations or maximizing storage space.
  4. Performance Similarities: Technical details are undisclosed, but the Sway is likely to share the standard Vida’s specs, with a possible range decrease due to the added weight of the third wheel.
  5. Uncertain Future: Hero hasn’t confirmed launch plans for the Sway. While trikes offer advantages like stability and accessibility, their higher cost compared to traditional two-wheelers and limited popularity in India raise questions about their market viability. Hero’s manufacturing expertise could potentially make the Sway more affordable, and even introducing an ICE-powered version could broaden its appeal.