Polaris Smart Metering Wins Big in Uttar Pradesh: ₹5,200 Crore Smart Prepaid Metering Deal to Empower Consumers and Optimize Grids

Empowering Consumers, Optimizing Grids – A Transformation in the Making

Polaris Smart Metering, a leader in advanced metering solutions, has secured a colossal ₹5,200 crore contract from Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited (MVVNL) for smart prepaid metering in Uttar Pradesh. This ambitious project will see over 5.1 million smart meters installed across key clusters like Lucknow and Ayodhya/Devipatan within the next 27 months.

Empowering Consumers and Transforming Grids:

  • Smart prepaid meters: Consumers gain real-time energy usage data, allowing informed decision-making and responsible electricity usage.
  • Prepaid convenience: Recharge meters at their own convenience, eliminating monthly meter readings and bill payment hassles.
  • Improved grid efficiency: Reduced losses, optimized load management, and better integration of renewable energy sources.
  • Environmental sustainability: Increased energy conservation and responsible usage.

Beyond Uttar Pradesh:

  • West Bengal and Manipur: LOAs secured for another ₹2400 crore, with over 2.3 million smart meters to be installed.
  • National transformation: Polaris committed to digitizing and transforming India’s electricity grid for a smarter and more sustainable future.

Yashraj Khaitan, CEO, Polaris Smart Metering said “This win underscores our commitment towards a smarter and more sustainable energy future for India.”