FDI and NatWest Group India Unite to Combat Stubble Burning in Jind, Haryana with ‘Harit Dhara, Saaf Vayu’ Initiative

Foundation for Development Initiative and NatWest Group India Launch Sustainable Project to Tackle Crop Residue Burning Crisis and Promote Eco-Friendly Farming Practices

In a groundbreaking move, FDI and NatWest Group India have launched ‘Harit Dhara, Saaf Vayu’ project, aimed at combatting crop residue burning in Jind, Haryana. The initiative, unveiled at a farmer outreach event, gathered key figures like Dr. Ranpal Singh and Mr. Saurabh Gupta, emphasizing the urgent need to curb stubble burning’s impact on health and the environment.

Mr. Ranpal Singh stressed the project’s significance in providing alternatives for farmers, addressing the lack of options leading to stubble burning. Mr. Saurabh Gupta, CFO of NatWest Group India, highlighted the group’s commitment to sustainable practices, reducing carbon footprint, and fostering environmental awareness.

Ms. Tania Chatterjee, Head of Sustainability at NatWest Group India, lauded FDI’s efforts and emphasized the immediate need to prevent crop residue burning, addressing its negative impact on air quality and soil health. The project aims to work with farmers to promote eco-friendly stubble use and adopt sustainable precision farming methods.

Mr. Vijay Singh, President of FDI, highlighted the partnership’s goal to combat air pollution and global warming through the ‘Harit Dhara, Saaf Vayu’ initiative. The project will focus on sustainable agriculture practices, benefiting over 5,492 farmers in Jind.

The initiative also recognized farmers adopting Crop Residue Management in 2023, presenting certificates and seeds. Stubble burning, a persistent issue in North India, saw a significant decline in incidents due to joint efforts in the last season.

This collaboration between FDI and NatWest Group India signals a positive step towards sustainable agriculture, addressing the critical issue of stubble burning in Jind, Haryana.