OneEarth Foundation Launches “Drive Against Plastic Pollution” Campaign in Goa

30-day initiative tackles marine pollution through community engagement, education, and cleanup efforts.

OneEarth Foundation, a environmental non-profit, has launched a unique campaign titled “Drive Against Plastic Pollution” to raise awareness about the critical issue of plastic pollution impacting Goa’s coastlines and marine life.

This initiative, part of the foundation’s larger “Wave of Change” program, involves a 120-kilometer kayaking expedition along the Goan coast, engaging communities through beach cleanups, educational workshops, mangrove restoration, and ghost net removal programs. The campaign kicked off today with the support of Keri Sarpanch Dharti Nagoji and students from New English High School.

“OneEarth Foundation is harnessing the power of local communities with this groundbreaking campaign in Goa,” said Ferdin Sylvester, Co-Founder & Director of OneEarth Foundation. “This 30-day effort, running from February 1st to March 1st, empowers Goans, especially the younger generation, to become active warriors against plastic pollution. This strategic initiative holds immense potential for protecting Goa’s precious coastal ecosystems and securing a sustainable future for generations to come.”

The first half of the campaign focused on raising awareness among students through school-based workshops and seminars, educating them about the initiative and encouraging their participation.

Collected plastic waste will be responsibly processed to ensure it never re-enters the ocean. The entire campaign will be documented in a film capturing the journey, the people involved, the challenges faced, and the impact of collective action against plastic pollution. This documentary aims to inspire similar actions worldwide.

OneEarth Foundation invites individuals, communities, and organizations to join their efforts in tackling this critical environmental issue. By participating, you can contribute to a cleaner, healthier ocean and protect the natural beauty of Goa’s shores.