Bengaluru Can Be “Water Positive”: AquaKraft Offers Sustainable Solution

Three-pronged plan tackles rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment, and incentivizes responsible water use.

Bangalore faces a looming water crisis, with over 86% of its urban water needs relying on strained groundwater resources. AquaKraft Group Ventures, a water sustainability group, is proposing a comprehensive three-pronged solution to address the city’s water woes.

Focus on Rainwater Harvesting and Efficiency

The plan emphasizes effective rainwater harvesting. AquaKraft proposes a real-time IoT-based monitoring system to track the efficiency of rainwater harvesting structures, capturing valuable data on capture and recharge rates. This information will be crucial for integrated water risk management and policymaking.

Sustainable Sewage Treatment and Water Recycling

The second prong tackles the issue of sewage. AquaKraft advocates for their nature-based sewage treatment plants. These green and sustainable systems require no electricity, utilize bioprocesses without chemicals, and recover over 95% of treated water suitable for aquifer recharge.

Financing Model for Wider Adoption

Recognizing the capital-intensive nature of sewage treatment plants (STPs), AquaKraft proposes a sustainable financing model. This model involves stakeholders entering water purchase agreements, similar to power purchase agreements, to address their water needs and contribute excess treated water for groundwater recharge.

Incentivizing Water Stewardship

AquaKraft’s “AqVerium” digital water bank platform will monitor water use and efficiency. Responsible water practices will be rewarded with “AquaKredits” – water credits. This gamified approach aims to incentivize good water behavior.

Leveraging Existing Regulations and Addressing Implementation Gaps

While regulations like mandatory rainwater harvesting exist, implementation has been a challenge. AquaKraft plans to address this through their “Jal Pe Charcha” advocacy program, engaging stakeholders to actively participate in rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge efforts.

Building a Water-Positive Bengaluru

Dr. Subramanya Kusnur, Founder Chairman & CEO of AquaKraft, emphasizes the importance of a multifaceted approach: “A multifaceted problem requires a multifaceted solution through multi-stakeholder initiatives.” He highlights the potential of utilizing treated sewage for groundwater recharge, alongside rainwater harvesting, to achieve “water positivity” for Bengaluru.

AquaKraft’s three-pronged solution offers a data-driven, sustainable approach to tackling Bengaluru’s water crisis. By focusing on efficient rainwater harvesting, innovative sewage treatment, and incentivizing responsible water use, AquaKraft hopes to create a water-secure future for the city.