Illuminating the Path to a Sustainable Future: Interview with Rajeev Taneja, Founder of Etrica Power

In this exclusive interview discover the Vision, Strategies, and Innovations Driving Etrica Power’s Leadership in India’s Solar Industry. Here is the excerpt:-

1. Please share with our readers about Etrica Power and what was the idea behind it.

Etrica Power, established in 2021 by Aditya Singh Poonia, embodies progress and an unwavering commitment to a sustainable future. The idea was to harness solar energy, not just as a business endeavour but as a mission to illuminate a brighter world. With a dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, Etrica Power isn’t merely a supplier but a trusted partner in the journey towards a greener tomorrow.

With a pan-India presence and a strong footprint in 15+ cities, including crucial RE regions such as Rajasthan and Gujarat, Etrica Power actively contributes to the transition towards a cleaner, more eco-friendly future.

2. How has Etrica Power navigated regulatory uncertainties and supply chain disruptions in the solar industry?

Etrica Power’s resilience lies in its unwavering commitment to integrity and superior supply chain management. The company’s adaptability and foresight have allowed it to navigate regulatory uncertainties and supply chain disruptions effectively. By fostering strong partnerships and prioritising customer satisfaction, Etrica Power maintains stability amidst industry challenges.

Etrica Power stands at the forefront of the solar industry as the exclusive distributor of Sungrow, the world’s most bankable inverter brand, renowned for pioneering research and development in solar inverters. We exclusively distribute Sungrow across Rajasthan and Gujarat, and our vision is pan-Indian distribution. As a reliable B2B player with a focus on both projects and distribution, Etrica Power’s portfolio comprises tier-one products. 

Besides this, we also distribute Longi modules, a globally acclaimed Chinese brand. In the realm of Indian manufacturers, we partner with the esteemed 7,000 CR brand Saatvik, now endorsed by cricket legend Ravindra Jadeja.

3. What strategies has the company employed to ensure stability and growth in challenging times?

Etrica Power’s strategy revolves around innovation, reliability, and customer-centricity. By exclusively distributing world-renowned brands like Sungrow, Longi and Saatvik and fostering strategic collaborations, the company ensures stability and growth. Additionally, our commitment to after-sales service and panIndia presence further solidifies our position as a dependable force in the solar industry.

The company’s ethos is rooted in core values that guide every decision and action we take. Integrity, superior supply chain management, a 24-hour service commitment, and dedication to high-quality products form the bedrock of Etrica Power’s philosophy. We understand that true integrity shines through after-sales service, and we take immense pride in providing the best post-purchase support within 24 hours of your inquiry with a one-step WhatsApp message process.  

As a service-forward company, we not only deliver top-tier products but also ensure impeccable post-purchase support. Exclusive distribution rights, strategic collaborations, and a commitment to excellence define Etrica Power as a dependable and pan-India solar solutions provider.

Our vision is to make solar affordable for all and to deliver unparalleled quality to customers.

4. Could you share insights into the technological innovations that have propelled India’s solar growth trajectory?

Technological advancements, particularly in solar inverters and modules, have been instrumental in India’s solar growth. Innovations such as high-efficiency modules and grid-tied inverters have enhanced the performance and reliability of solar systems, driving adoption across various sectors. Etrica Power’s exclusive distribution of cutting-edge technologies underscores its role in propelling India’s solar growth trajectory.

5. How does Etrica Power stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the solar industry?

Etrica Power maintains its position at the forefront of technological advancements by exclusively distributing pioneering brands like Sungrow, Saatvik and Longi modules. Additionally, the company prioritizes continuous learning and collaboration, ensuring its team stays abreast of the latest developments. By embracing innovation and fostering strategic partnerships, Etrica Power remains a leader in delivering state-of-the-art solar solutions.

6. What are your observations regarding fluctuations in India’s Solar PV Sector, and how has Etrica Power adapted to ensure stability?

India’s Solar PV Sector has witnessed fluctuations due to various factors such as policy changes and market dynamics. Etrica Power has adapted by fostering agility and resilience in its operations. By maintaining diversified partnerships and a robust supply chain, the company mitigates risks associated with market fluctuations. Additionally, Etrica Power’s commitment to innovation ensures it remains agile in responding to evolving industry trends, contributing to its stability amidst sector fluctuations.

7. Are there specific strategies employed by Etrica Power to navigate market uncertainties?

Etrica Power employs several strategies to navigate market uncertainties, including diversification, strategic partnerships, and continuous innovation. By offering a diverse range of products and services, the company minimizes reliance on any single market segment. Strategic collaborations with renowned brands like Sungrow, Saatvik and Longi modules enhance market presence and resilience. Moreover, Etrica Power’s focus on innovation allows it to adapt swiftly to changing market dynamics, ensuring sustained growth and stability.

8. How do you perceive the increasing prominence of photovoltaics in the solar industry?

The increasing prominence of photovoltaics signifies a significant shift towards sustainable energy solutions globally. Photovoltaic technologies offer scalability, affordability, and environmental benefits, driving their adoption across diverse applications. Etrica Power recognizes the transformative potential of photovoltaics and actively promotes their deployment through cutting-edge products and initiatives.

9. What role does Etrica Power play in driving this shift towards photovoltaic technologies?

At the heart of our mission is to be a comprehensive solution partner for all your solar energy needs. Whether you are an individual seeking to power your home, a business aiming to reduce your carbon footprint, or an industry giant requiring dependable energy solutions, Etrica Power is working towards lighting up your world with our exceptional solar offerings. With our work and our growth, we are helping increase awareness and adoption of solar energy in India. 

10. Can you elaborate on how Etrica Power’s initiatives have empowered local communities, particularly through the Salt Desert Renewable Energy Initiative?

The Salt Desert Renewable Energy Initiative is a great initiative and it is an ambitious stride towards accelerating solar power adoption in India. Etrica Power is working towards building solutions to empower local communities by providing clean energy solutions, fostering economic growth, and enhancing sustainability in the region, thereby creating a brighter future for India’s rural areas.

11. What role does community impact play in Etrica Power’s overall mission and vision?

Community impact is integral to Etrica Power’s mission and vision of creating a sustainable future. The company recognises the importance of engaging and empowering local communities in its operations. By prioritising community welfare and environmental stewardship, Etrica Power ensures its initiatives generate positive social, economic, and environmental outcomes. Through sustainable energy projects, capacity-building initiatives, and community partnerships, the company remains committed to driving holistic impact and fostering inclusive growth across society.