Herbalife India, IIMB Team Up to Tackle Plastic in Supply Chains

Partnership Establishes Cutting-Edge Lab Focused on Sustainability

In a bid to combat the ever-growing plastic problem, Herbalife India has joined forces with the prestigious Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) to establish a cutting-edge Supply Chain Sustainability Lab. Launched in 2023, this collaborative effort focuses on promoting sustainable practices throughout the supply chain, with a particular emphasis on reducing plastic use.

The Lab takes a multi-faceted approach, encompassing research and development, expert consultations, and fostering collaboration within the industry. A key aspect of their mission is empowering businesses with practical tools to make informed decisions. These tools include the Transportation Emission Measurement Tool (TEMT) which helps companies assess their carbon footprint across different transportation methods. Additionally, the Carbon Accounting Tool, designed specifically for the Indian market, calculates a company’s overall emissions, providing valuable insights for businesses of all sizes, especially small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

“Our partnership with IIMB underscores Herbalife India’s unwavering commitment to sustainability,” said Uday Prakash, Vice President of Operations and Finance at Herbalife India. “We are actively developing innovative solutions, like closed-loop packaging systems, to create a more sustainable future. By leveraging successful case studies, implementing impactful tools, and collaborating with industry leaders, we are adapting best practices to the Indian context.”

“I’m proud of the significant contribution our Lab is making towards sustainable supply chain education and innovation,” said Dr. Aditya Gupta, COO of the TCI-IIMB Supply Chain Sustainability Lab. “Through insightful research, collaboration across industries, and practical tools, we are bridging the gap between theory and practice, empowering businesses to build a more sustainable future. Our collaboration with Herbalife has the potential to make a substantial impact on India’s journey towards achieving net-zero emissions.”

This initiative has already demonstrably advanced knowledge and capacity building in sustainable supply chain management. By sharing innovative approaches through case studies and thought leadership pieces, the Lab is fostering a collaborative environment that encourages knowledge sharing and research, ultimately leading to a more sustainable future for India’s supply chains.