Vareyn Solar, BITS Pilani Partner on Sustainable Solar Solutions in India

Collaboration Focuses on Cost-Effective Design and Solar Panel Recycling

In a move to advance sustainable solar energy solutions, Vareyn Solar, India’s turn-key solar EPC company, has joined forces with BITS Pilani, a premier Indian institute of higher education, under the BITS-TEC initiative.

The collaboration focuses on two key areas: enhancing solar PV structure design for greater cost-effectiveness and developing innovative recycling processes for solar panels. This aligns with India’s and the world’s growing commitment to sustainable energy practices.

Focus on Cost-Effective, Sustainable Design

Vareyn Solar and BITS Pilani will work together to improve the design of solar PV structures. The goal is to achieve greater cost-effectiveness without compromising on sustainability. This includes exploring the use of recycled materials like plastics in solar structure construction.

“There is an urgent need for standardization in solar structure manufacturing,” said Mr. Shreesh Chaturvedi, Co-Founder at Vareyn Solar. “We urge everyone in the sector to work towards improvement in material quality, strength, and cost-effectiveness.”

Developing a Closed-Loop System for Solar Panels

The partnership will also explore comprehensive recycling processes for solar panels and other related equipment. This initiative aims to create a closed-loop system that minimizes waste and promotes environmental responsibility.

“Sustainability goes hand in hand with responsible waste management,” Vareyn Solar highlighted. “Along with the BITS Pilani team, we will actively engage in finding innovative ways to utilize waste materials within the solar energy space.”

Collaboration Leverages Expertise

The project leverages Vareyn Solar’s extensive experience in solar EPC and the expertise of BITS Pilani’s chemical department and laboratories. This combined knowledge base is expected to drive significant advancements in sustainable solar solutions.

“We are looking forward to this collaboration with Vareyn Solar,” said Prof. Deepak Chitkara, Coordinator of the BITS Technology Enabling Centre at BITS Pilani. “This project aims to provide an enabling ecosystem for technology development, deployment, and diffusion in the solar energy sector, with a focus on increased circularity and sustainability in solar panels.”

The Vareyn Solar-BITS Pilani partnership represents a significant step forward for sustainable solar energy development in India. By focusing on cost-effective design and responsible recycling, the collaboration aims to make solar energy more accessible and environmentally friendly.