Indosol Solar Powers Up at Record Pace, Boosting India’s Solar Ambitions

Company inaugurates 500 MW solar PV module facility in Andhra Pradesh, aiming to be world’s first fully integrated plant.

Indosol Solar Private Limited, a subsidiary of Shirdi Sai Electricals Limited (SSEL), today inaugurated its cutting-edge solar PV module manufacturing facility in Ramayapatnam, Nellore. This marks a significant milestone for India’s push towards self-sufficiency in solar power generation.

The 500-megawatt (MW) facility, built in record time after land allocation in January 2024, reflects Indosol’s commitment to the government’s Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme. The PLI scheme incentivizes domestic manufacturing of solar modules to reduce reliance on imports.

“The commencement of operations marks a significant milestone in India’s efforts to boost domestic solar manufacturing capabilities,” said a company statement.

Indosol’s facility boasts several firsts. At full capacity, it will be the world’s first fully integrated quartz-to-module manufacturing plant, encompassing the entire production cycle from raw materials to finished solar panels. The initial phase, representing an investment of Rs 1,300 crore, will manufacture 500 MW of solar PV modules with advanced technologies like TOPCon and HJT.

Economic Powerhouse for Andhra Pradesh

The project is envisioned as a major economic driver for Andhra Pradesh. The complete project will require over 8,300 acres of land and is expected to generate direct and indirect employment for over 32,000 people in the state.

“Once the full scale of operations…is achieved, Indosol Solar will have a positive economic impact on up to 100,000 people,” said Mr. Sharat Chandra, CEO of Shirdi Sai Electricals Limited.

Aligned with National Goals

Indosol Solar’s success in securing PLI benefits underscores the company’s alignment with the government’s “Make in India” and “Atmanirbhar Bharat” (self-reliant India) initiatives. SSEL, Indosol’s parent company, has a proven track record of success, supplying transformers to over 40 countries. The company is confident that Indosol Solar will play a key role in India’s transition to a clean energy future.