Wind Power Production Surprisingly Predictable, New Study Finds

Analysis of 80% of World’s Wind Farms Shows Stable Production Over 15 Years

A recently released study by Eoltech, a wind and solar resource assessment firm, suggests that global wind power production is far more predictable than previously thought.

The study, which analyzed data from over 80% of the world’s onshore wind farms, found that annual variations in wind power production typically fall within a plus or minus 3% range.

“This is good news for wind power going forward,” said Eoltech CEO Habib Leseney. “While individual wind farms can experience significant fluctuations from year to year, the bigger picture shows a remarkable level of stability.”

The study, which focused on the past 15 years, utilized the irec wind energy index, a metric developed by Eoltech to track wind farm production. The index incorporates data from ERA5, a state-of-the-art climate reanalysis dataset from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts.

This information is particularly valuable for asset managers and wind farm owners, allowing them to benchmark their production against broader trends and identify potential issues impacting portfolio value.

“The irec index provides a crucial tool for monitoring the health and performance of wind farms,” explained Eoltech Technical Lead Marion Jude. “By offering a comprehensive overview of production capacity over time, it complements the on-site data analysis conducted by wind farm operators.”

While the study highlights the predictability of global wind resources, Leseney emphasized the importance of local considerations. “It’s important to remember that wind regimes can vary greatly depending on location,” he said. “While global trends offer valuable insights, wind farm operators should always factor in site-specific data when making operational decisions.”

The findings from Eoltech’s study add to the growing body of evidence supporting the viability and reliability of wind power as a renewable energy source.

As wind farm technology continues to evolve and production costs decrease, wind power is poised to play an increasingly significant role in the global energy mix.