Climate Asia to Host 3rd Annual Conference on Bridging the Gap from Dialogue to Action

Experts, Innovators Convene in Bangalore to Drive Sustainable Solutions

In response to the escalating climate crisis, Climate Asia is convening its 3rd Annual Conference, a platform designed to propel meaningful solutions and a sustainable agenda. The exclusive, invite-only event will take place on April 19th and 20th from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM in Bengaluru.

The conference transcends dialogue, emphasizing tangible action. It brings together climate experts, innovators, and activists to translate visionary ideas into impactful initiatives. Climate Asia emphasizes commitment and implementation, aiming to bridge the gap between rhetoric and reality.

The conference boasts a distinguished speaker lineup with expertise in gender, mental health, capacity building, agriculture, and green talent. Dr. T.V. Ramachandra of the Indian Institute of Science will deliver a keynote address on designing climate-resilient cities.

The opening panel, co-hosted by EquiLead, tackles climate action from a feminist perspective. The discussion aims to empower women as integral parts of the solution. Another key panel, co-hosted by Mariwala Health Initiative, focuses on mental health resilience in marginalized communities affected by climate change.

A panel co-hosted by the Center for Study of Science, Technology, and Policy explores the role of capacity building in climate adaptation for Civil Society Organizations. Another discussion, co-hosted by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, delves into the challenges and opportunities faced by small-scale farmers in the Global South.

A fireside session co-hosted by Arthan explores systems change in India’s development sector. Additionally, a panel co-hosted by Beetle Regen Solutions redefines sustainability through the lens of regenerative agriculture. EY Global Delivery Services co-hosts a panel discussion on fostering a green workforce with the necessary skills for impactful environmental initiatives.

A panel co-hosted by NSRCEL explores the opportunities and challenges of scaling up climate-smart agriculture in India. The discussion will feature various stakeholders’ perspectives.

Beyond panel discussions, the conference offers practical learning opportunities through workshops on skilling for climate futures, utilizing digital tools for climate-resilient agriculture, and enhancing NGO capacity in climate adaptation programs.

This conference signifies a critical step towards bridging the gap from dialogue to action in the fight against climate change. Climate Asia looks forward to convening a community dedicated to a sustainable future.