Nainital’s Water Conservation Drive Led by Environmentalists Gains Momentum

Groundbreaking initiative spearheaded by Dr. Bikant Tiwary and Supriya Patil showcases the power of traditional practices and women’s empowerment.

In a bid to tackle water scarcity and foster sustainable development, environmentalists Dr. Bikant Tiwary and Supriya Patil are spearheading a groundbreaking water conservation initiative in Nainital, Uttarakhand. Their innovative approach, rooted in traditional practices and coinciding with Earth Day, underscores the critical need to safeguard natural resources for future generations.

The initiative, characterized by its women-centric focus, aims to harness rainwater effectively through the creation of chals and khals – large and small storage structures built into hillsides. With a collective capacity of up to 1.5 million litres, these reservoirs promise to provide a stable water supply during dry periods while mitigating soil erosion.

What sets this project apart is its emphasis on self-sustainability, eschewing reliance on government funding. Moreover, with 80% of the workforce comprising women, the initiative not only empowers them but also enhances their role in community development.

Dr. Bikant Tiwary, known for his transition from the corporate world to philanthropy, advocates for a greener, more sustainable future aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. His vision encompasses nature conservation, preservation, and the promotion of tribal art and eco-friendly handicrafts, fostering harmony between indigenous tribes and their natural surroundings.

Supriya Patil, a seasoned environmentalist, brings her wealth of experience to the table, having spearheaded impactful initiatives such as planting 17 million trees in India and Africa. Her focus on merging sustainability with social impact underscores the broader goals of the conservation drive.

Looking ahead, the team aims to expand its reach to states like Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal, and Maharashtra, bolstering efforts to achieve water security and sustainable livelihoods across the region. Dr. Bikant Tiwary’s commitment to reviving traditional wisdom serves as a beacon of hope, highlighting the efficacy of grassroots initiatives in addressing pressing environmental challenges.