Egis Expands Environmental Commitment with Aranaya 2.0 Initiative

Egis continues its green mission with 1000 saplings in Phase III of Aranaya project

In a steadfast commitment to environmental preservation, Egis, a prominent global firm in architecture, consulting, and mobility services, persists in its dedication through its flagship initiative, “Aranaya.” Launched in 2022 in India, the initiative aims to transform designated areas into thriving green spaces, combating climate change and fostering sustainability.

Led by Mr. Sandeep Gulati, Managing Director of Egis Asia, along with other dignitaries, the recent “EgisCleanAndGreen” drive in Gurgaon, under the guidance of Egis India’s CSR Committee and in collaboration with NGO partner “Hara Jeevan,” marks significant progress in promoting environmental conservation.

The initiative unfolded in three phases, with Phase I focusing on a comprehensive cleanliness drive near NH-8, addressing plastic waste removal, weed elimination, and dried leaf collection for composting. Phase II saw over 100 volunteers from Egis India and Hara Jeevan coming together for a massive plantation drive, including the planting of ayurvedic and medicinal plants, alongside eco-friendly measures to enrich the ecosystem.

Now, in Phase III, Egis initiates “Aranaya 2.0,” with 1000 saplings already in the works, furthering its commitment to sustainability. Egis in India remains dedicated to its environmental initiatives, including the “One Employee One Plant” campaign, encouraging all members to contribute to greening efforts.

Mr. Sandeep Gulati expressed his appreciation for the enthusiastic participation, emphasizing Egis’s unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability. Over 7000 saplings and shrubs, including Bargad, Peepal, Neem, Raat ke Rani, and Hibiscus, were planted in the last two years.

Manisha Saini, CEO of Hara Jeevan, expressed gratitude for being part of the initiative, underscoring the significance of Egis’s #Egisclean&green drive.

With ambitions to become the benchmark company for smart, sustainable infrastructure and improve the quality of life for all, Egis Group remains committed to fighting climate change and nurturing a healthier environment for future generations.