Honasa Consumer Limited Showcases Social and Environmental Impact in First Report

Beauty Company Highlights Progress in Sustainability and Community Initiatives

Honasa Consumer Limited, Indian beauty and personal care company recently launched its first impact report, titled “Driven By Purpose.” The report, assessed by Aspire Impact Ratings Pvt. Ltd., highlights the company’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility alongside its business success.

Honasa emphasizes its dedication to enriching both consumers and communities. The company strives for a sustainable future through eco-conscious practices and social initiatives embedded within its various brands.

The report details the significant results of these purpose-driven efforts, categorized into economic development, environmental stewardship, and community empowerment. These initiatives have driven positive change across 14 Indian states and 2 Union Territories, promoting sustainable growth and social benefits.

Key Highlights from the Report:

  • Mamaearth’s Plant Goodness initiative: This program focuses on afforestation and supporting farmer livelihoods. Partnering with Sankalptaru Foundation, Honasa has planted 5 lakh trees and empowered 581 farmers. This initiative not only promotes sustainable agriculture but also anticipates a significant annual fruit yield exceeding 10,000 tons, potentially generating over INR 20 crore in revenue. Additionally, it has resulted in substantial environmental benefits, including sequestering 250,000 tons of carbon and producing 500,000 tons of oxygen annually, while greening 3,500 acres of land.
  • The Derma Co’s Young Scientist Program: This initiative empowers underprivileged children through practical science education, delivered in collaboration with Bhumi NGO. Over 10,000 children have participated in hands-on learning through 456 hours of uniquely designed activity modules delivered in 76 schools. This immersive approach has yielded a noteworthy 42% increase in science assessment scores.

Addressing Critical Challenges:

  • Aqualogica’s Fresh Water for All initiative: This program tackles the critical issue of access to clean drinking water in remote areas. Partnering with the Watershed Organisation Trust, Aqualogica has installed water tanks in four villages, providing 496 households with easy access to clean water. This initiative has saved these communities over 400 collective hours daily previously spent fetching water, allowing them to focus on income generation, childcare, and household chores, ultimately improving their livelihoods.
  • Bblunt’s Shine Academy: This transformative initiative, in collaboration with the Sambhav Foundation, has empowered over 10,000 women across 11 states by providing hair styling training and certification. Designed to promote skill development and financial independence, the program offers online and offline courses delivered by 12 master trainers. This approach equips participants with professional skills, opening doors to employment and self-sufficiency.

Looking Ahead:

“We envisioned Honasa to go beyond products and create a lasting impact on the lives of our consumers and society at large,” said Varun Alagh, Cofounder and CEO of Honasa Consumer Limited. “Each brand within our portfolio embodies a commitment to consumers, communities, and the planet. This report marks a new chapter for Honasa. We combine purpose with passion, creating beauty that extends beyond the superficial. Our aim is not just to address challenges but to make a lasting impression, ensuring our brands are celebrated for both their products and the depth of their impact.”

A Note on Packaging:

While the report highlights Honasa’s significant progress, it is essential to acknowledge that, like many companies, they use non-biodegradable plastics and unnecessary packaging, contributing to environmental concerns.