Vikram Solar’s Major Order from NTPC: A Boost for Domestic Solar Manufacturing

The major deal underscores the growing trust between Vikram Solar and NTPC Renewable Energy Limited, bolstering India’s domestic solar manufacturing capabilities and supporting national renewable energy goals.

Vikram Solar, a leading Indian solar module manufacturer, has secured a substantial order from NTPC Renewable Energy Limited (NTPC REL) to supply 397.7 MWp of bifacial DCR (Domestic Content Requirement) modules for the 1,255 MW Khavda Solar Project in Gujarat. This partnership highlights the growing trust and collaboration between Vikram Solar and NTPC REL, underscoring Vikram Solar’s role in India’s renewable energy landscape.

The bifacial DCR modules, with a minimum capacity of 540 Wp, meet the stringent Approved List of Models and Manufacturers (ALMM) standards, ensuring high performance and reliability. This order not only reinforces Vikram Solar’s industry leadership but also aligns with India’s ambitious solar energy targets and self-reliance goals under the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative.

Gyanesh Chaudhary, Chairman & Managing Director of Vikram Solar, emphasized the significance of this partnership, noting that it reflects the deep trust built through successful collaborations on previous projects. Chaudhary highlighted Vikram Solar’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, as well as its dedication to advancing India’s clean energy future.

This deal is a testament to Vikram Solar’s strategic efforts to bolster domestic manufacturing capabilities. By complying with DCR mandates, the company supports the Indian government’s push for increased local content in solar projects, which is crucial for reducing dependency on imports and fostering a robust domestic manufacturing sector.

For homegrown manufacturers like Vikram Solar, this order is a significant boost. It not only provides a substantial revenue stream but also strengthens their market position against foreign competitors. The focus on DCR modules aligns with national policies aimed at promoting self-sufficiency in critical industries, thereby providing a competitive edge to local players.

Moreover, such collaborations are instrumental in achieving India’s renewable energy targets. By scaling up production capacities and enhancing technological expertise, companies like Vikram Solar are pivotal in driving the nation’s transition to sustainable energy. This order from NTPC REL signifies confidence in domestic manufacturing capabilities and sets a precedent for future large-scale renewable energy projects.

In summary, Vikram Solar’s recent order from NTPC REL marks a significant milestone for the company and the broader domestic solar manufacturing sector. It underscores the vital role of local manufacturers in India’s renewable energy journey and reflects a broader trend towards self-reliance and sustainable development in the energy sector.