Oman and TES Partner to Explore Green Hydrogen-Based Natural Gas Facility

Partnership Aims to Accelerate Green Energy Transition in the Sultanate

In a move that could accelerate the development of a green hydrogen economy, Oman’s OQ Alternative Energy and Tree Energy Solutions (TES) signed a Joint Study Agreement today to assess the feasibility of building an e-NG facility in the Sultanate.

Oman has positioned itself as a leader in the green hydrogen sector, aiming to produce over 1 million tonnes annually by 2030. The country boasts abundant wind and solar resources, along with a streamlined implementation framework overseen by Hydrom. These factors make Oman an attractive hub for green hydrogen production.

E-NG, or electro-methane, is a synthetic gas identical to natural gas but produced using green hydrogen and captured carbon dioxide through a methanation process. This green alternative can leverage existing infrastructure for liquefaction, transportation, storage, and most importantly, act as a “drop-in” solution for industrial users, gradually replacing traditional natural gas.

TES, a company actively promoting e-NG, co-founded the global e-NG Coalition earlier this year. The coalition includes industry giants like TotalEnergies, Engie, Sempra Infrastructure, Mitsubishi Corporation, and several Japanese gas companies.

“This agreement with OQAE underscores our commitment to advancing the global energy transition, particularly in the Middle East,” said Marco Alverà, CEO and Co-Founder of TES. “By collaborating with OQAE’s expertise, we can enable large-scale green hydrogen production, making e-fuels more accessible and cost-effective.”

Najla Al Jamali, CEO of OQ Alternative Energy, echoed the sentiment, highlighting OQ’s dedication to driving Oman’s energy transition through partnerships and sustainable practices. “This collaboration signifies our commitment to innovation and shaping the future of energy,” Al Jamali said. “The joint study will help us identify new opportunities to diversify green hydrogen markets.”

The Oman-TES partnership is a significant step towards a cleaner energy future. If successful, the e-NG facility could pave the way for wider adoption of green hydrogen and reduce reliance on traditional fossil fuels.