Persistent Systems Chooses Zscaler for Zero Trust Security and Sustainability

Global IT Services Leader Leverages Zero Trust Platform to Boost Security, User Experience, and Environmental Goals

Persistent Systems, digital engineering and enterprise modernization services provider has announced that it is leveraging the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange cloud security platform to drive its zero-trust initiatives while expanding business operations and achieving environmental sustainability goals.

Persistent, one of the IT services industry’s fastest-growing brands, sought a security partner with not only cutting-edge technology but also shared environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values.

“Our initial focus was on supporting a secure work-from-anywhere model for our global workforce, and Zscaler’s zero-trust architecture proved invaluable,” said Debashis Singh, Chief Information Officer at Persistent. “Ultimately, we wanted to enhance cybersecurity while reducing costs, complexity, and environmental impact. Zscaler was the natural next step in our security and cloud transformation journey.”

Persistent deployed the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform to modernize its IT environment, improve user experience, and support future acquisitions. This AI-powered platform eliminates the need for traditional firewalls and enables secure access to applications and data from anywhere. This modern approach significantly reduces the attack surface and ensures users are always authenticated before accessing resources. Additionally, Zscaler’s cloud-native architecture allows Persistent to scale its security infrastructure seamlessly as the company grows.

In the initial phase, Persistent implemented several Zscaler solutions:

  • Zscaler Internet Access (ZIAT): Provides cloud-based secure web gateway access for its global workforce.
  • Zscaler Private Access (ZPA): Replaced traditional VPNs, offering secure direct-to-cloud access for private applications.
  • Zscaler Data Loss Prevention (Zscaler DLP): Fortified data security with features like inline traffic inspection and data discovery.
  • Zscaler Digital Experience: Enabled rapid issue detection and resolution for a positive user experience.
  • Zscaler Deception: Identified and stopped advanced attacks by diverting attackers away from critical resources.

Persistent saw significant benefits within just three months. The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform helped the company measurably decrease business risk while increasing user productivity. Even with a 35% increase in traffic over the previous year (to 1,000 terabytes), Persistent was shielded from 1.6 million security threats, including over 369,000 hidden within encrypted traffic.

“Balancing innovation and growth with cybersecurity and sustainability is a major challenge for businesses globally,” said Mike Rich, Chief Revenue Officer and President of Global Sales at Zscaler. “A strategic partner can be a key factor in navigating these challenges. Zscaler is proud to support Persistent in minimizing their environmental impact while maximizing innovation. We look forward to our continued partnership as we move towards a zero-trust future built on generative AI.”