Maharashtra Cracks Down on Banned Plastics, Major Chains like Starbucks, McDonald’s Cited

Starbucks Refuses Penalty, McDonald Complies as MPCB Vows Strict Enforcement

In a move highlighting the state’s commitment to curbing plastic pollution, the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) conducted a recent enforcement raid at R-Mall in Thane. The raid targeted the use of illegal single-use plastic (SUP) items, uncovering violations at two prominent establishments: Tata Starbucks Pvt Ltd and McDonald.

Inspections at Tata Starbucks revealed the use of banned SUP items, including plastic film-coated cups, straws, and dome lids. These items lacked the mandatory verifiable QR code, signifying non-compliance with state regulations. The outlet manager reportedly refused to pay the penalty for the first offense.

The MPCB team also inspected the McDonald’s outlet within the mall, which was similarly found using banned SUPs without the required QR code. Unlike Starbucks, McDonald’s chose to comply and paid the penalty for the first offense.

Confiscated banned plastics from both establishments were handed over to the Urban Local Body (ULB) for proper disposal.

Siddhesh Ramdas Kadam, Chairperson of MPCB, reaffirmed the board’s unwavering commitment to enforcing the SUP ban and safeguarding the environment. “These actions demonstrate MPCB’s dedication to upholding the law and ensuring businesses adhere to environmental regulations,” Kadam said in a statement. “The use of banned single-use plastics poses a serious threat to our environment, and we will continue to take strict measures against violators. Compliance is not an option, but a legal and moral obligation.”

The MPCB has urged all businesses and individuals in Maharashtra to strictly follow the SUP ban and contribute to building a cleaner and greener state. The board assured continued vigilance and enforcement drives across the state.