Ola Electric Gears Up to Charge into Electric Motorcycle Market

Company’s IPO filing reveals launch plans and focus on expanding electric motorcycle segment in India

Ola Electric, India’s leading electric scooter manufacturer, announced its plans to enter the electric motorcycle market with deliveries expected to begin in the first half of fiscal year 2026. This news comes as the company prepares for its initial public offering (IPO).

The company revealed its intentions in its draft red herring prospectus (DRHP), a document filed with regulatory bodies before an IPO. “We expect to begin delivery of the motorcycles in the first half of fiscal 2026,” the DRHP stated.

Last year, Ola Electric generated excitement with the unveiling of four electric motorcycle concepts: the Cruiser, Adventure, Roadster, and Diamondhead. These concepts hinted at the diversity the company plans to offer in its motorcycle lineup. More recently, Ola Electric filed design patents for two entry-level electric motorcycles, suggesting an effort to target a broader range of consumers.

“We plan to further expand our product portfolio to also cover mass-market motorcycles, targeting a wider range of consumers across various product types and price points in the long term,” Ola Electric said in the DRHP.

The company sees a significant opportunity in the electric motorcycle segment, which they believe is currently underserved. “Limited options have restricted EV penetration in the motorcycle segment to less than 1 percent,” the DRHP stated. They believe that focusing on popular price segments through research and development will be key to driving growth in this market.

Ola Electric’s entry into the electric motorcycle space has the potential to shake up the industry and make electric motorcycles a more accessible option for riders in India.