Musashi Begins Mass Production of E-Axles for Electric Two-Wheelers in India

Compact, lightweight design promises to enhance performance and range of electric two-wheelers

In a move that could accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in India, Musashi Auto Parts India Pvt Ltd (Musashi), a subsidiary of Japanese auto parts giant Musashi Seimitsu Industries, has begun mass production of electric two-wheeler e-axles at its Bangalore facility.

The company, a leading manufacturer of transmission components for both two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles, announced the commencement of production on June 5th. The initial phase boasts a production capacity of 10,000 e-axles per month, with plans to expand further through the addition of new assembly lines within the next three years.

Designed to be compact, lightweight, and quiet, these e-axles are envisioned as easily integrated drive units for electric two-wheelers. Musashi expects them to play a key role in enhancing performance, range, and overall riding experience for users.

“The commencement of e-axle manufacturing marks a significant milestone in our mission to expedite EV adoption in India and empower a swifter shift to eco-friendly mobility,” said Mr. Naoya Nishimura, CEO India & Africa Region for Musashi. “Our state-of-the-art production lines guarantee seamless integration across the assembly line, resulting in higher efficiency and production output.”

Nishimura emphasized the importance of building a strong domestic ecosystem for EV components, given the rapid growth of the electric two-wheeler segment in India. “At Musashi, we aim to leverage our rich heritage and expertise in auto component manufacturing, coupled with our R&D capabilities, to deliver cutting-edge, high-performance EV drive units to India’s burgeoning EV industry,” he said.

The company has committed a total investment of Rs 160 crore towards its EV business in Phase I. These funds will be directed towards establishing new assembly lines for EV transmission components and upgrading existing facilities.

Musashi’s foray into the Indian EV space began in September 2023 through a joint venture with Delta Electronics, Inc. and Toyota Tsusho Corporation. The collaboration resulted in the formation of Musashi Delta e-Axle India Private Limited, a company in which Musashi holds a 51% stake.

The Bangalore facility, constructed under this joint venture, manufactures and sells e-axles for two-wheeler EVs across the Indian, African, and ASEAN markets. It houses both a motor assembly line and a drive unit assembly line, and Musashi has set a target of achieving a localization level of two-thirds of the total cost by the end of the current financial year.

Furthermore, Musashi India is collaborating with BNC Motors to develop products equipped with their EV drive units. These units are slated to power BNC’s upcoming electric two-wheeler, designed to be equivalent to a conventional 125cc internal combustion engine (ICE) scooter.