Goa’s Ethico: Building a Sustainable Future Through Community and Choice

Eco-conscious platform offers plastic-free products, workshops, and a recycling station

A passionate couple in Goa is tackling the climate crisis head-on through their holistic platform, Ethico. Founded by Indranil SenGupta and Rabia Tewari, Ethico goes beyond simply selling eco-friendly products; it fosters a community dedicated to conscious consumption and a plastic-free lifestyle.

Their journey began with the Mahim Beach Clean Up movement in 2017, which Rabia describes as a confronting encounter with the scale of plastic pollution. Witnessing a Mumbai shoreline buried under waste sparked a crucial realization: individual action has the power to create lasting change.

Ethico’s mission is to empower consumers to make informed choices. Their Siolim store offers a haven for sustainability enthusiasts. Here, shoppers can find organic groceries, essentials, homecare products, and upcycled goods, all packaged in eco-friendly materials. They’re even encouraged to bring their own containers to further minimize waste.

The commitment to sustainability extends beyond the products. Ethico’s cafe and co-working space, Ethiclan, were constructed with a focus on waste reduction and reuse. The space fosters collaboration by providing a platform for individuals and organizations working on environmental issues to connect and share solutions.

“We want to bring our learnings to the community in Siolim,” says Indranil SenGupta. Their free recycling station, accessible to everyone, is a testament to this commitment.

Ethico doesn’t stop at providing alternatives; they actively spread awareness. The People’s Project organizes talks, workshops, and presentations by experts on climate science, sustainable living, and permaculture. Their online platform showcases inspiring individuals and eco-friendly practices, making sustainability a more accessible concept.

The online store, relaunching in August 2024, will offer a wider selection of plastic-free products across India. Ethico is a powerful example of how businesses can be a force for good, empowering consumers and fostering a more sustainable future.