Viraj Profiles Flips the Switch on Landmark Solar Power Plant, Pioneering Sustainability in Steel Industry

130 MW DC plant to generate 200 million units of clean energy annually, significantly reducing reliance on conventional resources

In a significant development for India’s green energy push, Viraj Profiles Pvt. Ltd. and Avaada Group have successfully commissioned their joint venture – a 130 MW DC solar power plant located in Soyagaon, Maharashtra.

Viraj Profiles, a prominent stainless steel manufacturer, embarked on this ambitious project in March 2023, partnering with Avaada Energy to establish the solar facility. Driven by a shared commitment to sustainability, both companies aimed to transition 40% of Viraj Profiles’ energy consumption to solar power by mid-2024.

The project’s completion marks a major milestone for Viraj Profiles, solidifying their position as a leader in adopting renewable energy solutions within the Indian steel industry.

“This project is the culmination of a three-year dream to harness clean, solar power across all Viraj installations,” said Mr. Neeraj Raja Kochhar, CMD, Viraj Profiles. “It embodies our unwavering dedication to responsible and sustainable business practices.”

Project Highlights

Spanning over 350 acres, the solar power plant boasts a 130 MW DC capacity, poised to generate a staggering 200 million units of clean energy annually. With an estimated lifespan of 25 years, the project has the potential to produce a remarkable 5,000 million units of green energy over its lifetime. This substantial energy generation will significantly reduce the company’s dependence on conventional resources.

The environmental impact is equally noteworthy. The plant is expected to save an impressive 17,196 MTOE (metric tons of oil equivalent) and curb CO2 emissions by 77,110 tons annually, akin to planting 3.5 million trees each year.

Long-Term Impact

The project’s benefits will multiply over its 25-year lifespan. Here’s a glimpse into the anticipated long-term impact:

  • Total Green Energy Generation: 5,000 million units
  • Conventional Electrical Energy Saved: 429,900 MTOE (equivalent to 3.1 million barrels of oil)
  • Reduction in CO2 Emission: 1.9 million tons
  • Equivalent Tree Plantation: 88.7 million trees

Viraj Profiles and Avaada’s collaborative effort sets a groundbreaking example for India’s industrial sector, paving the way for a greener future powered by renewable energy.