E.ON rolls out electric vehicle promotion drive

German utility E.ON has launched Freedom is Electric’ campaign highlighting the diversity of the world of electric vehicles. The campaign is said to be a major public relations push, designed to up-end consumer perceptions of EVs.

E.ON’s new online EV hub, which will be unveiled today, features a high-concept short film dubbed ‘Freedom is electric’ that demonstrates electric-powered super bikes, hyper-cars and monster trucks notes BG.

The ultra-fast charging network, offering 150 kW of charging power with a modular upgrade option to 350 kW, will enable charging of a full 400 kilometres range battery in only 20-30 minutes. Energy provider, E.ON, is targeting 10,000 charging points throughout Europe by 2020.

It forms part of a wider plan to convince consumers that owning an electric car does not mean having to compromise on speed, power, or range.

In May this year E.ON conducted a survey of 2,000 British adults and found 70 per cent of people said they would not consider buying an electric car even though the majority accepted they save fuel and are better for the environment.

“By bringing together these amazing vehicles and their equally passionate and inspiring owners we wanted to get people to reconsider what they think they know about electric vehicles, how they view energy and what they think about E.ON and its moves to be a force for change in energy,” said Anthony Ainsworth, global head of marketing at E.ON. He further added “Our aim is clear, to remove the perceived barriers of electric vehicles to really help improve the electric future for our customers.”

Common reasons cited by respondents who are skeptical about switching to an EV were the fear of running out of power and a lack of charging points near a respondent’s home.

As a result, E.ON is on a mission to promote its fast-charging technology- which is in operation across Europe and coming soon to the UK- as a potential solution to EV drivers’ range anxiety.

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