10 potential Fast Charging corridors in India

Electric Vehicles can take you places! Quite literally!

In the last one month I have received requests to connect with numerous EV enthusiasts and it only builds my assurance how promising the EV industry is in India. Where there is demand, there is sure to be supply! With current product portfolio available in India – across cars/vans and buses EVs are limited to city commute, however they have a potential to transform intercity commute as well.

Thousands of people take the below routes daily… if you are looking for your next business idea and are ready to reap long term gains, pilot your project in any of the below routes and pioneer the shift to Electric Mobility. With a couple of DC Fast Charging (FC) stations in most of these routes, travel fares across below destinations can be as little as your child’s pocket money. Imagine if you are a regular Ola Outstation customer, savings because you would be riding an electric Ola would be huge!

Electric Cars available in India today easily cover a distance of 140km per charge. On a DC FC station, while you sip a cup of coffee, the car can be fully charged in about 90 min, and you are ready to complete the rest of the journey.

Who will bell the cat?

Meaning, who will really put these DC FC stations? The OEM, the Government, the car rental company, the tour operator? While the EESL tender of 10,000 EVs got closed between Tata and Mahindra, the tender to put up 4000 charging stations still remain open and unclaimed.

India is a country rich in sunshine. Just like Tesla Superchargers that are solar powered and free for its customers, there is a huge potential to develop solar powered DC FC units placed in suitable intercity corridors, that allow EV believers to charge at a nominal cost. Something that can be common for Cars/Vans and Buses may be.



Shikha Krishna

|Shikha Krishna is based in India and believes in working for collaborative and happier communities. At present she is working in developing the Electric Vehicle and related segments in India.

Her other areas of interests are mass customisation, specially with 3D printing and businesses around collaborative consumption. You can get in touch with her at shikha.krishna.80@gmail.com or follow her on Linkedin.|