CAS Modeling Introducing Energy Vehicle for Pollution-free Environment

CAS Modeling, one of the leading Automotive Design Studio, provides conceptual designs to complete automotive development solution and services. The firm has recently got associated with USA-based Emerging OEM for their eMobility. The core development team has started working on initial development and the team is operating from CAS Modeling Studio, Pune. More features and specifications are highly confidential now. The founders of OEM are planning to disclose in Mid-2018 .
Considering demand for oil and over-polluted environment today, the electric vehicle is much needed as an alternative solution for creating pollution-free and environment-friendly transportation ecosystem.

The product also provides higher efficiency and most recommended user interface as required. While discussing the advantages of ‘eMobility’ in today’s technology with the CEO of CAS Modeling, Yogesh Iyer, he said, “The firm’s next dream project is expected to be rolled out in India soon. Yes, CAS Modeling is also focusing on Solar Powered Energy Vehicle Development – Advance development for future.”

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CAS Modeling’s futuristic development on Project SE (Solar Power Electric Scooter) vehicle has highly differentiative features and the vehicle is expected to fly with a speed of 80 KM/ hr. without any traditional roof Solar Panel Method. Few specifications of the vehicle are (i) Life time infinite battery and no battery discharge during sunlight (ii) no daytime charging is required (iii) Option to charge the battery after sunlight. The scooter is expected with special features such as (i) magnetic break, (ii) LED Light, (iii) tubeless tire (iv) Integrated touch panels and (v) IoT Technology Integration. The concept is expected to be published soon and its Proto Vehicle will be launched by end of this year.

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CAS Modeling is all poised to provide innovation and agility to provide value to their customers. Based on our previous experiences of working with legendary automotive designers globally, we have built in a new strategy using our best practices to bring out the best product,” said Yogesh.